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A little outside Wisdom and Life’s purview, but the column is sort of apropos for today, being as it is Halloween:

Anyone ever watch The History Channel’s Decoded with Brad Meltzer?  I recently watched the episode called UFO.
How many believe we have been visited by alien life?  
How many believe there is life on other planets?  
How many have seen a UFO?






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If you believe God exists, does that preclude you from believing in life on other planets?  Why do you think God would create only one life form?  If he is indeed all powerful why would he want us to be his only creation?  I understand that I may be ruffling some feathers here, but why is it that many on both sides of the Alien Life spectrum have such distaste for each other:
On one hand we have the religious front that feels that God created us in his likeness and and how could he daine to create more life somewhere else, for we are the chosen?


What happens when science discovers life somewhere else or when undeniable proof arrives in the form of alien visitation?  Which many people claim to have witnessed.


On the other hand we have those people who have said they have come in contact with alien life, whether it is from seeing alien craft or actually seeing the Greys.


Typically these people are met with scorn, derision or are ostracized from their communities.  How is there expected to be a resolution to this if these factions can’t find equal footing?  It’s like I’ve said at Wisdom and Life previously:
We should be looking at our similarities.
We should be finding common ground.


There have been some highly reputable people who claim to have seen UFO’s
Former President Ronald Reagan claimed to have a UFO experience.
Former President Jimmy Carter had a UFO experience as well.


Neither of these former presidents ever backed away from their initial stories


That’s the ONLY way we will survive in the future.  We have far more commonalities than we do differences.  Speaking of knowing our common interests, Former President Reagan discussed this very matter while he was president:
UFO – Ronald Reagan’s Speech about Alien Invasion




I take Story Musgrave’s approach to life elsewhere:
That our universe is so exponentially large of course there is life somewhere else.
Look at the Hubble telescope.  Every picture it returns to us is just a fraction of the number of planets and stars that live in our vast universe.  Of course there is life somewhere else.


My own philosophy:
It would take someone with a very small mind, someone extremely egotistical NOT to feel that there is life somewhere else.


When I was around fourteen years old I was fishing on Blissville Pond in Lisbon, Connecticut with my maternal grandfather and we both saw something black and spherical in the sky floating just above the water about a quarter mile away from us.  It flew around the pond briefly then shot straight up.  Blissville Pond has been a hotbed for activity in the past too.  Several of my friends in Lisbon have also said they’ve seen similar things in the same vicinity as my grandfather and I did.

What is your take on alien life?
Does it clash with your faith?  If so why?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;


We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.



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