This column has been a long time in the making.  I’ve discussed my worldview in the past here at Wisdom and Life and how I’ve come to understand God.  Uh oh, Chris used the “G” word.  When I use the word “God,” I’m not referring to any particular denominational God.  I’m commenting on the “Universal God,” the Divinity we ALL worship.  See?  I think God and Religion became wrapped up in a human perspective.  I believe (And it is ENTIRELY my belief) that humanity warped the original intention of Jesus.  You only have to look at the recent news to see this.  I referring to Kentucky.


How can ONE person say what God wants?  It’s all an opinion.  There is so much about humanity’s interference with spiritual matters that disturbs me.  It’s why I chose my own way.  I believe you can still be spiritual without attending organized religion.  Now I understand that some may see that as a blasphemous statement.  And that’s fine too.  We all have a right to our opinions.  Let me see if I can show you that I do believe in a higher power, in a Divinity, in God.


I see God everywhere.  I carry on a daily conversation with HIM ALL the time.  I’m always grateful for HIS presence in my life.  Too much has happened to me NOT to understand that there is a spiritual presence, a positive force, a Divinity guiding our lives.


So what is my worldview?
is a belief that your life has been mapped out for you long before you incarnate.  That God has a plan for you and no matter what you do, there are certain phases of your life that can’t change.  I’m sure if you look back over the course of your latest incarnation, you’ll see instances where this seems to be the case.  I believe there is no “bad.”  That everything that happens in our lives is always for the highest good, that everything is a lesson to improve our lives.  That whatever happens is supposed to happen. Predestination isn’t just a word for me.  It’s how I live my life, knowing that when something I MAY perceive as negative, as bad occurs, I understand it is God clearing the way for something better.  I’m sure if you look back over the course of your life, you will find examples of this as well.  Don’t fret over lost things.  Nothing is EVER truly lost.  There is no bad.  Everything is a lesson to help us move forward and everything that is happening in our lives is supposed to happen.  Our lives have been mapped out long before we incarnated.  That’s predestination. This is a rock solid part of my worldview.  You can open the link above to read more at Wisdom and Life.  Why am I using the phrase:
Your latest incarnation?  It is because I’m convinced we all return over and over.


Past Lives
Not only do I believe we all return over and over, I also believe we return in groups.  These groups are called Soul Groups.  We meet these souls in life when we need them.  We meet them in transition as well.  Why do we return?  I like to relate life and transition to an education system.  How do you move from one school grade to another?  You graduate by learning lessons from each grade, correct?  Think of each incarnation you make as a new grade.  Every time you transition you go through a transitory time.  Go back and read the column Soul Groups carefully and you’ll see a reference to Transition Station.


In Transition Station we review the most recent incarnation we just left.  We are with those in our Soul Group who have passed as well.  It is here that we discuss what we could have improved upon in the past life we recently left.  It’s a classroom where we can make improvements in our next life.  When we have completed our time in Transition Station, we then move to Transition Hall


Transition Hall is where we go to choose our next incarnation.  I understand that some of my worldview may sound a bit esoteric.  However, for someone steeped in the paradigm, it is all simply one piece to the puzzle.


Some of what I believe has caused consternation among friends, sometimes to the degree that I’ve alienated several old friends.  You know what, though?  To those who no longer want to be my friend, I tell them:
I’m still the same person I’ve ALWAYS been.  I’ve simply changed one aspect of my life.


Death and Dying
Death is simply a transition.  It is NOT the end, but a beginning.  When someone uses the word pass to describe a death do you understand what it means?  Do you understand why you use the word:


What does pass or passing mean to you?  To me it means changing from one form to another; to transition.  Someone long ago understood this, which is why the word passing has been used to describe a death.  No one ever ceases to be.  

Why would God who is love ever end anything?
Why would God rip someone out of your life who meant so much to you?


We will meet everyone again.  Souls are eternal.  The shells we use to reside in are not.  It is the soul, the essence of who we are that lives on.  It’s why there is such a thing as love at first sight.  It really isn’t first sight, but eternal sight.  Our souls recognize those in our soul group.  It’s what is meant by soul mates.  Soul mates aren’t always destined to be romantic partners.  Sometimes they may incarnate as best friends.  Maybe one or both of them want to live an incarnation separate from romance.  Your previous romantic partner may be your brother or your sister in another incarnation.  The thing to remember is that no one is EVER lost.  Those in your soul group have traveled with you during each incarnation and they will ALWAYS travel with you.


You may be saying:
Where does God fit into this worldview?  Because I don’t see HIM anywhere.


God is everywhere.  HE is everywhere.  He s the conductor of this entire thing we call life.  You may not always see HIM but it doesn’t mean HE doesn’t exist.  The example I give in:
Life After Death: What Do You Believe perfectly illustrates this.  The bottom line is that I choose to see God everywhere.  And that’s what it really comes down to.  That’s my worldview in it’s most common denominator:
Everything is a choice.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;

We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.


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