Time slips by too quickly, We are already at the unofficial end of summer. I say this every year, that spring and summer seem to go too quickly. The biggest reason this distresses me has more to do with the fact that after the Summer Solstice, the amount of daylight decreases. It’s why as I’ve said at Wisdom and Life previously that I’d rather see January then the end of summer. I have a long build up of increasing daylight in January. I don’t have that in September.

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Labor Day has significance beyond the unofficial end of summer, but as with most holidays, Labor Day has been hijacked, by mostly good intentioned people into the end of summer holiday that it has become.


And it’s why I’ve maintained for some time that I’d rather be cold and have it be light until after 8pm then be warm and have it be dark before five. The reason for this is that I dislike driving after dark. It has little to do with Seasonal Affective Disorder on the whole, although there IS some merit to that in relation to myself.


Nothing makes me happier than to be able to spend time outside after I arrive home from work and once October rolls around the hours of daylight diminish and I find myself trapped inside after work.


Autumn in New England is gorgeous as can be seen from my photography at CJP Photos. However that is still a harbinger of the cold dark nights that are around the corner.


I know!
I know!


This doesn’t sound like the usual up and joyful Chris you are used to reading about here. Grant me this time to wallow. And I promise next week, you’ll see me return to form.


Having to go anywhere after work also causes me distress after October as night falls early until the middle to end of February. Two days I look forward to EVERY year the Winter Solstice and the Daylight Saving Time Day in March.


I understand I should be practicing what I preach here at Wisdom and Life:
Living in the moment.
Staying in the present moment.


It’s not always easy to do when I see the hours of daylight shrinking every day. I look so forward to spring and summer each year and each year those two seasons seem to be gone before I have the opportunity to enjoy them. At least we are not the children in Ray Bradbury’s story:
All Summer in a Day.

That would just be too much for me to endure.


The lack of adequate daylight disturbs me more than the lack of warm weather in the fall and winter. Am I the only one?



Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you.

Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,
That we return to light and physical over and over;

We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying. For there truly is no end.

3 thoughts on “End of Summer/Labor Day

  1. Martha Orlando

    This doesn’t bother me too much, Chris, but living in Georgia as opposed to Connecticut, we enjoy a bit less darkness in the winter months. Since I’m not a hot weather person, I love the fall and even winter. Knowing you, you’ll get through the seasons to come!

  2. Lisa

    Me too Chris! I’m going to try and go with the season this year and rest more in the shorter days. Making sure your up a dawn us another good way to get the most out of the shorter days. We’ll get through – we always do!

  3. Julie

    Oh you KNOW I’m right there with you!!! Well, looks like it will be a lot of good books and good food and hunkering down in the months to come. Let’s do Moovee Nites to get us through!

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