Choose Your Words, Choose Your Attitude

I was considering recently how the words we choose has a direct effect on our attitude.  I understand that I’ve written extensively on this theme at my blog, most recently at:
Removing Words
and Eliminating Negative Words, however as I was walking downtown one day last week, I started thinking about one word in particular.  What’s that word?  You may ask.

The word is:

I even wrote a blog about this word in 2010 called:
Being Grateful

When did I begin using this word?  I would have to say it was around the time I discovered the paradigm I’m in now.   So what else can I say about being grateful that I haven’t already said?  I was thinking how my entire worldview shifted with the use of that one word.

Something I always do upon receiving something I’ve asked for, is being grateful for the gift.  I look up and say:
Thank you, God!

Seeing as I understand that everything comes from the Divine, I’m always thanking MY God for what he delivers my way.  Being grateful for what we all have always brings more to be grateful for.  It’s one of the adages of Law of Attraction.  Centering on what we believe will bring more to you.

I have developed an entire ritual around that word.  Each night before I go to bed after my conversation with God, I look for at least one thing I was grateful for that day.  I go to sleep feeling positive.

Being grateful is as much a part of my existence now as is being spiritual.

What does being grateful do for you?
What does being grateful mean to you?
What do you do to practice gratefulness?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Choose Your Words, Choose Your Attitude

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