Easy For Me

I was discussing this with a friend of mine through email a few days ago. I wanted to reiterate it to everyone. It is very easy for me to sit here and make these pronouncements through my blog saying if you enact these changes to your life and if you decide to follow my advice your life will change for the better. I don’t know what your circumstances are and what you may have gone through to this point in your life. I understand that everyone has their crosses to bear and I don’t want anyone to believe for a moment that I’m making light of their circumstances. I’m not saying mine is the only way. On the contrary, I sincerely believe you choose your own way. I’m simply giving you one avenue to explore. There are so many roads to take to find enlightenment, if mine doesn’t suit you, I’m fine with that. I can only point to the choices I’ve made and say:
“Well, this worked for me. MAYBE it’ll work for you.”

All the changes I’ve completed and written about thus far in this blog have made huge differences in my life. I’m a different person then I was before I discovered this path. Without reiterating recent posts I will simply say that I no longer worry. I no longer get sucked to negative space. When someone starts down that negative path I throw positive energy at it. I learned that through practicing this. And it works. It works FOR me. Maybe it won’t work for YOU. Ya know what? That’s fine.

I got off track again. My initial reason for writing this post was to tell you that I understand everyone has their own challenges and just because I found MY way to work through my own, it doesn’t mean my way is the ONLY way. Go out. Explore. Read. Discover other paths. If you return that’s great. If not, that’s great too.

This thing we call life? It is a great big never ending circle. Ya know the saying:
You only live once.

I don’t believe it. Despite what you’ve seen and read, you DON’T only live once. For me that’s a fact. For you, maybe not. But I believe it just like I know the sun is sure to rise each and every day.

Easy For Me

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