Past Lives, Reincarnation

The Difference Between an NDE and Reincarnation

Continuing my columns on my recent Near Death Experience while at Saint Raphael’s Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut today, I’ll answer a question several people have asked me since I posted the original column linked above. If you died when you were in St. Raphael’s Hospital on or about January 27, 2019 as you told […]

Reincarnation Blues –A Review

Reincarnation Blues is a book right up my alley.   Milo has lived almost ten thousand lives, the maximum a soul can return until it reaches perfection. If the soul hasn’t reached perfection in ten thousand tries then they are blown into oblivion.   In between lives that Milo lives we see him in a […]

Everyone Is Born A Genius

My friend Buckminster Fuller once remarked: Everyone is born a genius but the process of living de-geniuses them. Memories of Heaven Page 113 A notice about my Linkage here today: The links that send you to are my affiliate links. If you click the Amazon links and purchase any of the books, DIRECTLY from […]

What is the Meaning of Life According to Wisdom and Life

I spent two Sundays ago in the afternoon (almost four hours) with a new friend.  Somehow we wound up discussing the meaning of life.  I know.  A heavy discussion for such a new friendship.  After we departed, my friend asked me to write up an email with my thoughts so they could share with their […]

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