Lunchtime Conversations

I was having lunch last Thursday (01.06.2011) and overheard the ONLY conversation about school that causes me agida.  Someone was discussing their high school boy who wants to take a year off from school when he graduates and pursue his music.  His mother appeared to be against the idea and her friend attempted to be the voice of reason:
How do you know he’s not good enough?  I understand that parents are simply concerned for their children, but at some point I BELIEVE children should have the right to choose their own path.  How will they know if they have talent unless they go out into the world and attempt to spread their wings?  What’s one year in the grand scheme of a lifetime?This could be the boy’s gift he was given when he incarnated in this lifetime.  Do parents really have a right to dissuade their children from doing what they know is right for them?  Everyone will eventually find their way and what right do we have to tell someone their way is the right way.Remember my entry:
Your Life is Like a River?If your purpose is to be a musician, then nothing will stand in your way of accomplishing that goal.  If your goal is to be surrounded by books then nothing will stop you from getting there.  Why do we tell our children:
No.  How are you going to make a living doing THAT?Why does everything have to come down to making a living?  Isn’t it better and more productive to be happy?  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather be making a little bit less money and love what I’m doing then make money hand over fist and be miserable.

Back to that lunch time conversation.  I’ll echo that question:
Yes!  HOW do you KNOW he’s not good enough?

That question is a variation of the one I received after applying for a library science degree.
What are you going to do with that?

As I said in my initial post here.  I understand that the question came from fear.  But I KNEW beyond doubt that I would be hired at The Scranton Library in Madison.  I knew it as surely as I know how to breath.

You’re only a child once every lifetime.  Shouldn’t you have the ability to decide for yourself what you want to do?  If you have a passion for something, chances are that’s the gift you were given when you arrived here.  It’s your right to pursue it.  Otherwise you’ll be miserable, knowing you had an opportunity to do something special and it was taken away from you by well meaning people.  If you have discovered what you want, don’t let outside influences change your course.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


Lunchtime Conversations

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