My Super Six

Tracy Iglesias at Ascending Butterfly asked an interesting question I wanted to answer.  What was her question?  She wanted to know what five blogs people read daily, kind of a play on the TV ads for the wireless phone service:
‘who is in your fab five’?
I’m changing it up a bit and calling my list:
My Super Six
So without further ado, the six blogs I read every day in no particular order are:
1.  Carla Goddard’s Sacred Soul Shaman
2.  Vanessa’s Optimal Optimist
3.  Lisa Mikulski’s A Life of Art and Design
4.  Kate Wilker’s Cozy Seaside Homestead
5.  Wendy McGee’s Life with Wendy
6.   Jocelyn Ruggiero’s Foodie Fatale

I’ll add six more here just because I can:
1.  Geoff Fox My Permanent Record
2.  Because I have an iMac 20 in I Bought A Mac
3.  Ann Nyberg’s Annie Mame
4.  Allen Holloway’s A Fork And The Road
5.  Anissa L. Divine’s Living Incognito
6.  Aldon Hynes Orient Lodge

If you have some time check out some of these blogs, you’ll come away with some useful information.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


My Super Six

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