Random Visits

Have you had the experience of constantly and randomly seeing the same people show up in your sphere day after day?  Do you ever wonder why?  For three weeks in December, this happened to me.  A couple I know has been running into me at different times of the day, or I have seen them without their knowledge almost every day.


Knowing my penchant for Law of Attraction, (LoA) you’d have to think this topic would wend its way into Wisdom and Life.  And also knowing me you’d have to believe I’m looking for a sign as to why these people are colliding with me at the moment.  I just arrived back to work from lunch at Subway in Madison, Connecticut and as I ate, I happened to glance outside and saw them once again;  this time headed passed Subway and into Starbucks.


There MUST be a reason they are now showing up as you surely know that I believe nothing is random, that we are all connected, that nothing happens WITHOUT a reason.  So the puzzle now becomes why is this happening.


The other day I was out early in the morning, around 730 AM taking a walk downtown and who do you think I saw, but this couple walking towards me.  It happened to be about the sixth time I ran into them and we all smiled at each other and continued on our way.


I don’t think they are at the same place as I am, but something MUST be clicking in their heads as well; which is the ONLY reason I can surmise as to why they smiled.  I would live to have followed them inconspicuously and overheard their conversation, because as I walked away I saw them speaking.  I’m sure it was about our random meetings.


I understand that some of you may think I’m making too much of this, however, my worldview has shifted dramatically since discovering LoA and I now see that nothing happens without a reason.  I often wonder if others have the same thoughts.


Am I the only one?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Random Visits

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