Ready, Set, Manifest

As you have already seen, receiving what you ask for is as easy as asking:
A parking space.
Traffic lights responding to your request.
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All of these things I have received when “putting it out there.”  I’m sure those of you who practice Law of Attraction have seen similar results.  The challenge arrives from receiving bigger returns.


Is it because we don’t think we deserve the bigger returns?
Is it because we don’t believe strongly enough?


If we can manifest the small returns why can’t we also manifest the larger ones.  Everything is energy.  Nothing in our lives is truly real.


WHAT!? I bet you’re saying.  I can see you scratching your head at that statement.  What do you mean nothing is real?  You are saying.  Well, think about it for a moment.  If everything starts as thought which is the case and thought comes from the mind isn’t the mind made up at its core of energy?


Energy is everything.
Energy is everywhere.

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If we can think it, why can’t we manifest it.  As I said above we can manifest the small in our lives; if that’s the case then we should also be able to manifest the large.

What is holding you back from receiving?

As an aside last Sunday I went out for a walk and ran into a photographer I’m friends with and he said he planned on going out that evening to get some sunset shots.  I felt too tired to join him and I declined.  As I walked home I fleetingly thought about heading to West Wharf Beach in Madison, Connecticut anyway even though I felt beyond wiped.  I knew sunset would arrive around 8 pm.  That meant arriving home and getting in my car immediately at it was close to 7.  Shortly after I walked into my house my phone rang and it turned out to be another one of my friends.

She called, she said to ask if I wanted to go to West Wharf to shoot the moon as it was the last night of the Super Moon.

Okay.  Notice where she wanted to go?  West Wharf?  That’s where I Fleetingly thought about going.

So why did I bring that aside?

To show you the power thoughts have in our lives.
To show you that thoughts do create reality.
To show you that we can indeed manifest everything we desire.

We simply have to be a vibrational match to our desire.
What are you wanting to manifest?
What’s holding you back?

Ready!  Set!  Manifest!
Be Happy!  Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Ready, Set, Manifest

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