In relation to Wednesday’s column, Knowing What to Write, I want to share another column on writing today.  In the same conversation with my friend, Jason I referred to in the linked column, we discussed our shift in writing, Jason now writing more news articles, myself shifting to short bursts of spiritual thought.  Wouldn’t you think it would be easy to return to our original form of writing:
Short Fiction?

Alas, no.

But you say:
Writing is writing.  You should be able to do any type, shouldn’t you?


Let me tell you a little story and see if you can understand:
One of the things quickly apparent about my short fiction (You’ll have to take my word for it) is that ALL of my fiction was told from a female perspective.  I could NOT write from a male point of view.


And believe me, I did my my best on several occasions to do so.  I couldn’t bend to that will.

The other example I have is that ALL of my fiction is in the Fantasy genre.  On the few occasions I attempted to swim outside that pool I nearly drowned.  So for myself, the answer to your question is:
I can’t write in any genre.


You seem to have changed lanes quite well now however.

Well, yeah.  I like what I’m writing now and it is easier to write these short bursts then it would be to write ten, fifteen, twenty five pages.  That may be, however the change took ten years to make.  Now, on the few occasions I’ve returned to fiction I simply don’t know where to begin.

Possibly because I no longer have the fire for fiction?

As my friend, Jason likes to say, we need turn to crank that stuck wheel again.  Can you close your eyes and “see” a waterwheel once stopped for years begin to crank up?  The wheel won’t go at full speed until it releases much of it pent up energy.  Even after it begins to flow naturally the wheel may start and stop in fits.

–As it is with anything that once was powerful, if it is left untended the tool will simply rebel against usage again.

–As it is with yoga, if someone has been practice yoga for months then suddenly stops they will experience a tightening back up of muscles if and when they return.  It is only common sense that says the more you do something, the better you’ll get.

–It doesn’t matter if it is writing.

–It doesn’t matter if it is painting.

–It doesn’t matter matter what it is, except to the degree of what TYPE it is.

In other words:
— someone who paints houses won’t necessarily produce artwork.

–someone who paints with watercolor may find it a challenge to transition to oil.

And as in my case someone who is no longer writing fiction may see a challenge if they attempt to write fiction.

So to answer another question:
Isn’t writing, writing, regardless of what type you do?

I’d have to say no.  And I believe my friend, Jason would agree as we have both learned.

I’m also sure those “technical” writers who MAY have attempted to transition to fiction have discovered, it isn’t as easy as it would first appear.


Any confirmations/rebuttals?
Any comments?
Would love to hear from you.

Leave them in the comment field below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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