Right Brainers, Introversion and Balance

Jacob Perillo over on Google+ recently posted content on balance

Balance is extremely important.  So important as a matter of fact that I’ve written about it here before in Seeking Balance.  Why is balance so important in our lives?  Let me give an example with another Google+ post.  I recently shared a post on introverts discussing how introverts are NOT what many people define them as.  Introverts need balance in their lives, maybe more so than others.  One of the things I’m well aware of, being an introvert myself is the need for quiet time.


After working all day at my local library I relish my time alone.  I like coming home and having “ME” time.  I have a few close friends and they all understand my need to seek time to be peace.  Most of my friends have similar attributes in that they exhibit more introversion.

I think introverts have received a bad rap for far too long.  


Many introverts do indeed have careers that would appear to be opposite of their persona.

I’ve often wondered how many introverts are right brained.  Because many right brained people I know do indeed show more introversion than extroversion.

–Right brainers are more artistic.
–Writers, Painters etc.
These are both solitary arts.

–Some Right brainers tend to choose careers that are solitary:
–Musicians, Artists, Writers

The fact that SOME right brainers tend toward solitary careers leads me to believe that some right brainers lead toward introversion.


Knowing that, they need to find balance in their own lives as well.  We all need some interaction with the outside world and we all need time to ourselves.  The trick as introverts is finding the balance and making sure we stick to our plans.


Have you ever said yes when you wanted to say no?
What were the results?  Let me know in the comments below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


Right Brainers, Introversion and Balance

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