Slogans –It’s All Good

The next few columns are going to be my own definition of some of the slogans I use to help me through life. Today’s will be:
It’s All Good

Another recurring theme to this blog is staying positive when everything around you appears to be circling the drain. You can ALWAYS find something to be positive about in EVERY adverse circumstance.

“It’s All Good” is one of the ways I remain positive. This simple phrase has taken on a life of its own. It’s initial meaning has been overshadowed and some people now see it in a negative light. Initially, the phrase was meant to lift the spirits of someone going through a rough time. As with any overused phrase, there’s been negative feedback now.

For me, “It’s all good” means looking for the positive.

I still use the phrase because I find that it helps me at some points in my life. Whatever works! This works for me. It might not work for you and that’s alright.


Slogans –It’s All Good

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