Wisdom and Life

What’s it mean?
I don’t profess to have all the answers. Many people who have met me after only a short amount of time however, have said that I’m an old soul. Again, back to one of my recurring themes here:
Reincarnation and Past Lives.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Wisdom is:
1 a : accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : knowledge b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : insight c : good sense : judgment d : generally accepted belief
2 : a wise attitude, belief, or course of action
3 : the teachings of the ancient wise men

Let’s look at definition 1a:
accumulated philosophic or scientific learning

Accumulated means to store up. If as people who know me believe I’m an old soul, I must have a vast accumulation of learning. The wisdom I have does no one any good if I don’t share it. That’s another way Karma is working to my benefit. The more knowledge I gain and the more I share the better off my friends will be. It’s called Paying it Forward. I’d rather share what I’ve learned then keep it to myself. I receive more joy planting my seeds so everyone who wants to receive my bounty can.

My wisdom is more important to be shared. So as I’ve said in previous posts, PLEASE feel free to pass this on to as many people who are willing to receive it. Learn from this yourself and become a teacher as well. I appreciate all my readers and I’m grateful to everyone who is taking these posts to heart.

Good luck to everyone on their own paths and remember you’re never alone!


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