Had lunch with a friend one day last week and we started discussing the people and places we (we in the general term) frequent regularly.  Who we surround ourselves with and what to do if we suddenly find ourselves mixing with a poor set of people or if our places we choose to visit suddenly spins out of control, finding us in turmoil, finding negative people and negative places instead of life affirming.Would we be the SAME person we were going into these places and associating with these people as we were BEFORE we went down that path?I certainly can’t say for sure.  I can however lay claim to the fact that my life has shifted since I began walking on this spiritual and positive path.  I can also say with certainty that BEFORE I discovered it I DID let SOME of the things that people and places did to me inflict negativity on me.

Now?  Well I’d like to think that I’ve grown both spiritually and positively.  I HAVE seen a drastic change in my attitude at work especially.  We have someone who works with us who NEVER has a positive thing to say about ANYTHING.  I used to be dragged right down with this person and I would join in the pity party.  She’d be happy because she found a comrade in arms, but later I’d find it difficult to raise my energy back to positive.

After realizing what I was doing was having a negative impact for me on the rest of the day I decided to play a little game and see if this stuff really worked or if it was just all talk.  When my co worker went down that negative road, I detoured and said:
But what about this?

Turning her negative statement around and finding a positive spin on it.  Ya know what?  This worked FOR me.  I left my co worker and I felt positive energy.  I learned that we all make our own world, our own thoughts, and that our thoughts do INDEED create our worldview.  With that in mind, I’d like to THINK that I’ve grown both spiritually and positively enough that were I to find myself suddenly in a negative place that I could find my way back to the path I’ve been on rather quickly.

How about anyone else?  Have you found yourself in a negative tail spin?  How long did it take you to find your way back?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.



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