The Deep End

As in did Chris go off…? LOL

Some of you who’ve known me for many years may well think so. This journey I’m on though didn’t happen overnight; and if you’ve been a part of my circle of friends for awhile, you can’t be too surprised by this change. I was never afraid to speak up and discuss my belief system with anyone. Yes, watching The Secret tipped me over the edge, however I took a myriad of small steps to get to where I am now. After reading my previous post on Faith it should be clear that I’ve carried my strong faith with me since day one. That being the case, it should also be evident that moving closer to this new path really wasn’t so difficult.

I had some help along the way as well. I spent many productive hours with a neighbor of mine discussing spiritual matters. His wife passed a few years before he did. It was her passing that moved him in a new direction. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and looked forward to speaking with him. Now that he’s passed as well, I miss our conversations. He was a special man and I miss him, but I’m well aware that he is smiling down on me seeing all the progress I’ve made.

One of the things I’ve decided since discovering my new path is that I no longer worry what others think or may say upon hearing my thoughts. You’ll either accept me or you won’t. I’m still the same person I’ve always been; only now I’m in a much better place then I ever was before and I can only point to The Law of Attraction for getting me there.

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The Deep End

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