The Gift of Perseverance

Been busy commenting on several blogs these past couple of weeks.  One in particular has been getting some attention:
Yvonne Wilson’s Empowerment Moments
comes to mind.  One of the themes I’ve been focusing on in the comments I’ve left is persevering in spite of others telling us no.  If it’s true as I believe that we are given gifts from the Divine upon incarnation to physical from spirit and if we are to lead a joyous life, shouldn’t we follow our bliss?  Shouldn’t we pursue what gives us joy?  My friend, Debra at Pure and Simple wrote a post called Preaching to the Choir in which she spoke of cliches and asked for our favorites.  I mentioned:
Do what you love and the money will follow.

I truly believe this to be the case.
If we don’t follow our bliss,
If we don’t follow our roadmap,
If we don’t follow Divinity’s plan for us,
we will end up miserable.  We may be wealthy financially.

What about spiritual abundance?
What about emotional abundance?
What about physical abundance?

Notice I use the word abundance?  In The Law of Attraction paradigm, what we are really seeking is abundance.  Abundance means something different to everyone.  And it isn’t simply financial gain.  If you seek abundance, you will find more will arrive at your doorstep.  If you seek financial gain, it may or may not arrive.

Don’t let anyone deter you from your dreams.
If you’ve found your passion, whether it be playing an instrument, singing, painting.  Whatever it maybe, follow that passion.  Find a way to create your abundance doing it.

Ya know what I think?  Those who work to deter you are:
A.  Not happy that they didn’t follow what they wanted to do
B.  Working from a fear based paradigm.

Don’t let them win.  Because in the end, you are the one who has to live with your choices.  Don’t become miserable doing what someone else wants for you.

Do what you want.
Do what you love.

The gift of perseverance taught me that we can do anything we set our minds to.  I didn’t let any obstacles stand in my way of creating the life I wanted.  I plowed through every obstacle put in my path.

How will make a living doing that?  I was asked.
You can’t do that.  I was told.

For myself, sometimes telling me no is a bigger influence, a bigger motivator  than saying yes.  I’ll show you.  If you don’t want me to succeed, if you place barriers in my way, then look out, because I’m barrelling through.  Tell me no and I’ll show you yes.

God had a plan for me and no one in the physical realm was going to prevent that plan from coming to fruition.  Yes, I may have detoured a bit, but I’m right back on my original course.

I’m involved with books.
I’m writing on a daily basis.
I’m pursuing my photography.
I’m creating an abundant life following God’s roadmap.

I’m truly blissful.
I can honestly say that I love everything that I do and it’s because I followed what made me happy not what anyone else wanted me to do.

The gift of perseverance can be a beautiful thing if you accept it all the while knowing it won’t always be easy.  You’ll gain strength from it.  And you’ll eventually have the life you want, not the life another wants for you.

Are you up to that challenge?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Gift of Perseverance

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