The Human Race Will Change Course

The human race will change course, that much I can promise you. The only question is whether that course change will come about as a result of coercion or cooperative and open-minded exploration.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Changes are afoot.  Just look around.  What with all the blogs out there talking about what I’m talking about.  Go into any big chain bookstore and you’ll see huge sections devoted to Law of Attraction, Spirituality and Faith.  While books on faith have always been prevalent in the larger chain stores, it’s only been recently that you’ve seen an exponential growth in Law of Attraction books crop up.  I choose to believe change will happen peacefully.  Yes there will be an initial struggle s there always is when any type of change is taking place.  However once that hurdle is overcome, watch out, because then the floodgates will open and everything we’ve been waiting for, praying for, hoping for will pour down on us.  Then we’ll have to accept that everything has changed.

We’ll all be amazed once our blinders are taken away and you can see what potential is available to each one of us.

Get ready because it will all happen very quickly.  Watch for it!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


The Human Race Will Change Course

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