The Professor and Her Husband.

One of the initial sources to helping me discover this new path I’m on was my English Professor at Southern Connecticut State University and more specifically her husband. Both have now passed. My English professor first. Cancer.

It was after she passed that her husband went through a major transformation, becoming much more spiritual speaking of re-uniting with his wife many times. He opened doors for me that were shut tight, letting in spirit and light where there was always spirit and light previously, but this new feeling I experienced being in his presence was miraculous. Some of his old friends disregarded him once he began walking down this new spiritual path. However, I embraced him.

For here was someone I could FINALLY relate to. Someone just two houses down from where I lived. We LITERALLY spent hours sometimes three times a week sharing our belief system. He was a God send. I truly believe My God sent him to me. Nothing in the spiritual realm was off topic for us. We spoke about re-incarnation. He was convinced his wife and he had been together many many times in the past and would be together again.

We spoke about faith. He was the first person I felt completely at ease with discussing my belief system. Both of us believed the same things. That we all return over and over. That God watches over all of us and that there are ABSOLUTELY no coincidences. At the time, I found it amazing that someone came into my life with my belief system. For the short period of time we spent together, he became my soul’s twin. I was saddened when he passed.

A couple years ago, I had someone I trust do a spiritual reading on me. About half way through, she glanced to my right and my left and said there were two people on either side of me. They each had a hand on each of my shoulders. She described the Professor and her Husband down to the color of their hair, their size and what they looked like. She said they were watching over me. I shouldn’t have been surprised. I was. Sometimes if I let my guard down, I can feel their presence in my life. Knowing that they are there warms my heart. I can no longer carry on a physical two way conversation with them but if I REALLY still myself I CAN listen for their presence. Is there anyone you’ve felt such a karmic connection to? Have they now passed on? They are still there. Just because you can’t see or hear them, doesn’t mean they are out of reach. My experience with my spiritual reading convinced me of that.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


The Professor and Her Husband.

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