The Thing You Fear Most

The thing you fear most needs the most love.


One of the best places for affordable amazing food in Madison, Connecticut is Jia Mei Asian Kitchen.  I eat there at least twice a week for lunch.  I’ve eaten just about everything on their menu and nothing has disappointed.  I’ve converted many of my friends to the place.  I ate there last week with John D. an old friend who hadn’t been there yet and I converted him as well.  Being that Jia Mei is Asian, at the end of the meal you receive a fortune cookie.


The fortune I received last Monday, July 22 ws the quote above.

Can you understand the quote?
Why do you think the thing you fear most needs the most love?
Why do you fear?


Because you think that something will hurt you emotionally or physically, correct?  Why don’t you (as they say) walk a mile in their shoes?  See what their life is like?  Most likely they are are living the life they are inflicting on their victim.  Typically when someone hurts another, they are only releasing their own emotional baggage.  All that negative energy must go somewhere.  The bully can’t keep it inside. Believe me, I’ve been there!


There was a time (as those of you have followed Wisdom and Life know) when forgiveness was not in my lexicon.  I discovered that anger, hurt, fear, holding grudges was killing me.  I released all of those negative emotions and I chose to love that which I feared.


A funny thing happened when I made that change.  Those who bullied me put away their own emotional weapons and held out their hands in friendship and love.  NOT everyone chose to do so. Enough did, however to prove my hypothesis that love, forgiveness, understanding is the ONLY way to defeat bullies, to defeat what you fear.


Are you strong enough to walk up to what you fear and embrace it in a loving way?  You may just be surprised at the result.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Thing You Fear Most

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