What Was I Born To Do?  What were you doing before you read this?  How was that action helping another person?  Heavy question.  But if you truly understood that Kabbalah is about accepting the responsibility, of being a channel of the Light, then you’d be thinking only of how to share and care for others.  If we’re here on Earth, it means somewhere in a world far, far away, we signed a contract, we took an oath with the Light, that we would do this job. Truthfully, none of us are at this level.  That’s why we need to remind one another of what we really were born to do.  Today is an opportunity to reaffirm that oath that we made with the Light.  We’ve been at this for lifetimes. We’re not going to quit now.


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Somewhere in a world far, far away, we signed a contract.

We signed a contract?

I can hear some of you saying:
C’mon, Chris!  You don’t REALLY believe that, do you?


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The more I’ve lived,
The more I’ve experienced,
The more books I’ve read on the subject,


I’d have to say:
Yes I do believe that we have signed a contract.  I’ve written about Michael Newton’s book Journey of Souls here countless times only because the book has left a HUGE impression on me.  In a roundabout way, Journey of Souls discusses this subject.

That contract is signed before we incarnate into each life we live in a place called Incarnation Hall.  Incarnation Hall is the last place where see before we travel back to the physical after our last transition.  Not only does the contract we sign. assign our birthdays and transition days, it also guides us in our lives, telling us when we will meet our soul mates, whether we will be partnered with them, whether we will go through life as best friends, or family.  The soul contract also assigns the challenges we will face in this next life we are about to embark on.  As soon as we our delivered into flesh we forget the contract.


We can’t remember.  For if we did, there would be no reason to reincarnate.  The whole reason for returning to the physical is to learn from past lives and hopefully not make the same mistakes.  For every challenge we face in our lives, we’ve encountered before.  Until we move beyond the challenge and make the correct choice we will continue facing that challenge.  If we recalled the contract we signed, it would be like cheating on a test.  We can’t know.  That way when faced with a challenge we must work through it with no prior knowledge.  It is the only way to learn properly.


I don’t recall exactly where in the book, but there is a segment where Dr. Newton writes about our souls looking down and making a decision on which body to incarnate in.  That’s Incarnation Hall.  The body our souls choose is like signing that contract.  That contract is valid from the moment our souls crash into our bodies.


So, what exactly is in this spiritual contract?  That’s what it is you know.
A Spiritual contract, a Soul contract, a Contract with God.


–The contract assigns your birth and transition days. These two days can NOT be altered.  If by some chance, someone takes their own life, that soul is IMMEDIATELY returned to the physical.  It’s a one way ticket back!  That law is spelled out clearly in the contract.  We MUST live out the natural progression of our lives and we can’t change that.


–The contract gives us our destiny.
We can’t know what that is when we incarnate, but clues are laid out for us and it is our responsibility to follow those clues.  We can’t let someone else decide what our destiny is.  If that happens then during our next incarnation we will stumble upon the same set of circumstances.

–The contract spells out when people will enter and exit our lives.
Some will be a part of your life long relationships.  These are those in your Soul Groups.  These people have ALWAYS been with you in transition and in life.  These are the people closest to you:
Your brother
Your sister
Your parents
Your best friend
It can be fascinating to see this group, because there is always a constant shifting during each incarnation.

–In one life, you can have a best friend
–In another life, your best friend may be your brother, your sister
–In one life, if you are married, your spouse may have been your best friend in a previous life.


Your Soul Group is one attribute of the contract that can NOT be separated.  If your best friend shows up at a specific time in each life, it’s part of the contract.  We can’t rush that.

We can’t rush God.  Some of us are fortunate to have a few best friends throughout our incarnations.  However there is always one or two that stand out; people who have come into our lives at a specific time for a specific reason.  Keep these friends close because they are in your life for a reason.


As with not knowing our destiny, we may never know why certain people enter our lives but we should feel an instant bond with those who God places in our path and doesn’t separate.  These are the people to hold onto.  That’s in the contract as well.


–The contract tells so many other things as well.
The MOST important aspect that EVERY soul MUST agree too before incarnating is that we will forget the contract when we incarnate.  For if we knew every aspect of our physical’s lives there would be no need to return in the first place.  The entire reason for reincarnation, is
For a learning process.
To get closer to God.

To eventually reach a place where we don’t HAVE to return.


If we knew where the pitfalls would appear in our lives then there would be no need to learn.  We could simply sidestep any challenges that arise and move on.  That’s not what God wants.  HE wants to see how we react under pressure.  The ONLY way to see that is to give us blinders.


This blog, Wisdom and Life is doing its best to remove those blinders.


–I sincerely believe I’ve followed the contract I signed:
Writing and sharing my belief system with those who need to hear it.


–I haven’t let anyone dissuade me from pursuing my gift.
Many have tried.  However, my will and determination outflanked all who have.
I’ve been fortunate to create abundance from all of these gifts as well.


We all sign a contract before we incarnate.  If you don’t follow the clues set out before you that are in the spiritual contract you will undeniably stumble over the same challenges in each incarnation you make until you learn the lesson.  The one lesson I keep referring to in this my most recent incarnation is:
–Learning to let go.
–Learning to live in peace.
–Learning to speak my mind then release the negative.


I’m not sure how many lives I had to lead before I FINALLY learned this valuable lesson.  All I can say is that I’m now at peace with myself.  I no longer hold grudges.  I release my anger back into the ethereal where it dissipates.


That was most likely in my contract when I incarnated this time around.
–As was when I would learn the lesson too.
–As was who would teach me.


My assignment to those who are reading this today is simple:
Look for the clues in your contract.
Don’t become distressed when a storm arises.
Learn to accept the challenges in your life.

Because EVERYTHING that happens in your life is part of that Soul Contract we all sign before incarnating.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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