You’re Rich

I re-upped my Netflix a couple months ago after letting the subscription lapse last year.  One of my favorite shows from the 1990s is an NBC show called Wings.


The debut episode opened with Joe Hackett running a one plane airline on the island of Nantucket.  Joe’s estranged brother, Brian shows up when the brothers get a package from their deceased father’s attorney.  The two brothers haven’t spoken in years.


There’s a key inside to a safe deposit box.  In the safe deposit box is another key to a post office box in Boston.  When they arrive in Boston, you got it, there’s another key.


The brothers fly home dejected and angry at being played.  No one knows where this last key fits.  Fay, Joe’s assistant takes a look at the key and recognizes it as a locker key in the airport.  When the brothers open the locker, they find a suitcase and inside is a photo of them as young boys playing on the beach and on the flip side of the photo are two words:
You’re Rich!


Maybe their father knew something his sons didn’t.


Keeping them together through their escapade in searching out the suitcase is just what they needed to reconnect.  Being rich is more than just financial.
Being rich means having people around you who love you.
Being rich means having joy in your life.
Being rich means loving your life.

I’ve sure you know many people who have money and who are miserable.

That should be all you need to understand that money won’t bring you those three things I listed above.

I’ll say it again:
Being rich is SO much more than having money in the bank!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


You’re Rich

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