Good Morning all:
Today will be a bit different. I’m going to send you off to check out several resources that will help you understand my motivation for this change in my attitude. This new paradigm I’m involved in as you know if you’ve been following this blog since its inception last Sunday, began with the viewing of The Secret. Should you decide to check this video out, be prepared for way over the top production. Look for the message, not how it is delivered. As I said in my initial post, I look at The Secret as an introduction to this powerful message.
I believe The movie was way over produced to appeal to the masses. I can tell you from first hand experience that this stuff works.

Another illustration then back to the resources.

After viewing The Secret for the first time about year and a half ago around the beginning of November, I decided to put one of the examples in the movie to the test. What The Secret says is to:
1. put an intention out there.
2. believe that it has already come to you.
2a don’t dwell on the intention, just let the universe do its thing
(2a is my OWN step and it seems to work for me.)
3. when it arrives give thanks to your higher power/God etc.

Alright, I figured. Nothing to lose right? I wrote down that by the end of the month I would receive an unexpected check of $500. November 24th right around Thanksgiving, the check arrived. I’d sort of forgotten about my asking for that amount.

AMAZING, though that it happened just as I asked for it. That convinced me that this stuff works.

Onto the Resources:
Wayne Dyer
has been a huge influence in changing my direction. I’ve read several of his books and seen a few DVDs he’s put out.
The Shift is where I was introduced to Wayne Dyer. Just a heartfelt movie discussing what your role in this life should be. How do you change your attitude when those around you are spewing nothing but negativity? Watch the movie and discover the meaning of your life.

Next I read Excuses Begone. I won’t inundate you with Wayne Dyer, except to say read a few of his books and DEFINITELY if you haven’t already, check out The Shift. You can probably find it for rent or possibly borrow it from your local library.

Louise Hay is cut from the a similar cloth as Wayne Dyer. Ms Hay was writing books on spirituality and inspirational topics before it reached legitimacy. She was struggling to find an outlet to publish her material. That’s when she hit upon the idea of self publishing, thus Hay House was born. At Hay House you’ll find many number of products from books to daily inspirational cards. Ms Hay has certainly hit on a topic that resonates with many people.

I’ve read a number of her books and seen a few of her DVDs. The most popular title, the one that is in the public lexicon now the one where if you mention her name or the title of the book a bell goes off. Oh yeah that’s by Louise Hay. The title of the book is:
You Can Heal Your Life. Ms Hay also created a movie based on the title. Check out the movie here:
You Can Heal Your Life.

Brian Weiss
was my first introduction to Past Life Therapy and like The Secret, Mr Weiss is simply that, a place to start. You can move on from his stories if he whets your appetite. Like Louise Hay, he has one book that made him a household name. You can’t say the title without automatically thinking of him and you can’t say his name without thinking of that title.
Many Lives, Many Masters is Dr. Weiss’s story of a patient he calls Catherine. Catherine has many many issues that she is dealing with when she first visits Dr Weiss. Everything he tries fails to help Catherine overcome her issues. During one of her visits, Dr Weiss suggests hypnotherapy. That’s when the excitement really begins.

The Omega Institute in New York is planned visit for me sometime in the future. Everything I’n studying as a result of the path I’m on now is offered here.

I will get there at some point.

Okay that should keep you busy for awhile.
Thanks for spending part of your day with me!


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