I’ve been having a dialog with one of my readers for the past week or so and she has given me permission to use her emails to me and my responses to her questions. I thought this might be an interesting project to run occasionally. In response to:
A Loving God

my reader posed this response:
dear chris,
good day,
i do believe that we are all sinners, we sinned one way or another, but i don’t believe to beg to be forgiven..

i was quite interested in your blog coz you talk about God which is unique nowadays.many talk about politics, social issues, sports, weather, food, miss universe, etc, but yours is different.

kind of wonder about law of attraction… so i researched. honestly, its my first time to come across it.. i don’t know if this is an appropriate question, but i might as well ask, is your belief system about God hinged on the philosophy of law of attraction? what is your belief system? you don’t believe in organized religion… what is it then-a relationship?.
kindly share.

All interesting questions I thought.

This was MY response:
Glad you’re sticking around. As I’m sure you’ve discovered, My God is very important to me. My Faith is very important to me and I no longer worry whether people accept my belief system or not. I also no longer worry about discussing what I believe. People will either accept me or they won’t.

What is my belief system?
— I believe in an all knowing benevolent God. One who loves unconditionally.
— I believe all of life is a lesson. We’re here to learn those lessons. In a couple of my early entries here, I discussed my belief in past lives and reincarnation. Check them out here:

Life Is About Moving Forward

So yes, I SINCERELY believe we ALL return over and over. We come back until we’ve reached a point in our soul’s evolution where we are one with God. This may seem like a weird analogy, but did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? In that movie, Murray plays a weatherman who re-lives the same day over and over until he gets it right. That’s how I look at life in general. We keep returning until we get it right.

As far as sinning goes, I have NO issue w/what others believe. Everyone has a right to their own belief system. That’s fine! For me sinning equals learning your lessons in this lifetime. If you’ve done something against spiritual law in this lifetime or a previous lifetime, you’re going to come up against the same situation again and again until you change your behavior. Again I’m going to refer back to Groundhog Day, I hope you bear with me here.

There is a scene there where Bill Murray’s character is rushing to the Groundhog Day event and he stumbles over a homeless man. He looks back at him, shrugs his shoulders and keeps moving. This same scene plays out again and again until he learns that he has to help this old man. Once he has LEARNED that lesson he can move on. So yes we are here to learn our own lessons. We’re going to keep running into the same situation until we learn what we’re supposed to learn. In a nutshell, that is what I believe.

No fears. There are no inappropriate questions.
My relationship with My God has nothing to do w/my belief in The Law of Attraction. Although, My Faith and My Spirituality has grown tremendously since practicing The Law. Thanks for taking an interest in my blog and for speaking up. I write this blog on a daily basis, but unless I get feedback from my readers I never know whether people are reading it and how they are taking my viewpoints; so I really appreciate that you take the time to respond to my entries.

Here’s what I’d like to do with this experiment. If anyone else would like to email me and comment on ANY of my entries here, I’d LOVE to use your emails and my responses as a blog entry once in awhile. What do you think? Good idea/Bad idea?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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