You can’t choose your family so you better choose good friends.

I’m sure everyone has heard the above quote many times over during the course of their lives. Do you believe it? I don’t! I bet you had some inclination that would be the case, especially if you’ve been reading my blog for sometime.


Let’s delve a little deeper into my belief system. If you look back at a recent entry I wrote about Melissa Etheridge’s latest CD release:
and look at the first song I quote called Gently We Row, you’ll see the first two lines of the song are:
My soul crashed into my body
Falling into consciousness


Here’s what I believe:
Our souls are eternal and it is our souls that choose when to return to the physical. We see an opportunity for growth. We see a chance to influence someone or a group. We understand beyond our physical comprehension that there will be challenges we have to meet. We welcome those challenges as a route to a higher plane of existence. It’s like I’ve said previously, Life is an education. Think of life in terms of schooling. With each test we pass, we get to move on to the next grade, so it is with life. With each challenge life throws at us that we meet, that’s like moving on to the next grade.


I believe we choose the families we become a part of as a way to mature as an eternal being. We know beforehand on a deep spiritual level what type of family we and situation we are choosing. Those souls with ??many things?? to learn choose a challenging family and situation. I bet some of you who have been reading my blog for sometime will say:
But, Chris I recall reading previous entries where you said Life should be easy. Row your boat DOWN the stream.


We’re ALWAYS going to be faced with challenges. That goes without saying. I NEVER meant that we wouldn’t have obstacles placed in our lives. The easy or difficult part comes from how we deal with those challenges. That’s how we pass life, how we move on. If we constantly complain that life is difficult, well then life WILL be difficult. If we find a way to work through the challenges that appear and don’t let them weigh us down, that’s how we move on.


Those older souls who have been here multiple times over have an easier path and can choose an existence of relative ease.


Our families are an important lesson building class for us since we spend most of our lives with them. If we have chosen a family where there are many challenges then our task is to learn to meet those head on and come out the other side with a deeper understanding, knowing that when we have met those challenges we have graduated to the next grade. The next time we return, IF we have passed the challenge, we will be able to choose an easier family life. We DO choose our families. I believe in some cases we return in groups as well. The friends you have now may VERY well have been your friends in previous incarnations. That’s why I believe sometimes you feel an instant connection with someone that builds over time. Its your soul’s recognition of each other and it can be magnetic, drawing you closer the more time you spend together. Do we choose our friends as well? I think so! What do you think?


Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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