Okay, here is an ethereal question for my readers. Was considering this again a few days ago. This pops up every once and awhile in my line of sight.


Does anyone else ever consider the monumental task it takes for our lives to intersect with people we feel a strong affinity towards?


I’m reminded of a movie called Made in Heaven that starred Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis. Timothy Hutton plays a character who dies in an auto accident and meets Kelly McGillis in Heaven. They fall in love and it comes time for Hutton’s character to return to earth. He doesn’t want to leave Kelly McGillis behind and he convinces God? to let them return together, but here’s the hitch. They have until they are thirty to find each other.


While I believe that we all return again and again and we eventually meet the same people we’ve been with before, what I find inconceivable is the number of obstacles that are placed in our path that anyone EVER finds each other again. Take this road and your life will be COMPLETELY different then if you take that road. Sometimes I have to laugh, because God is in control of EVERY move we make. I can see him moving Chris this way. Then:
Ah, he can’t go there because then we won’t meet Jeff. Let’s have Jeff born on August 20th as well as Chris. But wait a minute let’s make this really hilarious, God chuckles, then laughs hysterically, gasping for breath. Let’s give Jeff’s Mom and Chris’s Mom the same first name. But wait I’m not done yet, let’s make them both photographers too.

If you don’t see divine intervention there, then I don’t think there is any hope you.


Another friendship I’ve cultivated recently is causing these questions to arise again. How is it that we form friendships? I understand that there has to be common interests, that goes without saying. But we have to be put in the same place at the same time. How does HE know who is a good person to know and who isn’t? These are questions I consider all the time. I just find it fascinating how people come together to be friends at all. I understand that God gives us what we need when we need it. We don’t know when a particular person will walk into our lives and become an important piece to this puzzle we call life. Only God knows how to fit all the pieces together. Life is an ever evolving mosaic that only God can see fully and clearly. HE is always moving people around and making room in our lives for those important enough to remain a constant. I have many friends in my life at the moment and I’m completely blessed for all of them. I’m extremely grateful for everyone in my life.


There are only a select few who are in my inner circle and those friends are the ones who matter most to me.


I believe that all friendships and all families have been together multiple times. We are attracted to each other like magnets. I still find it challenging that the same people meet each other again at all. Sometimes, you JUST know BEYOND doubt that you’ve met someone you knew previously. Check out a blog entry I wrote called The Gift of Friends
Pay close attention to the line that starts:
Some friends are in your life and you know instantly why they are there.


With God in charge, anything can happen. I do have to laugh though, thinking of God as traffic control; moving this person here then moving that person there. Ah but wait, we can’t have that. HE shuffles the deck, sits back and thinks, yeah that’s right. They’ll bump into each other RIGHT there. A spark will develop and they’ll be friends the rest of their lives. God smiles and thinks:
Yup, that’s right. That’s good.
It’s all good!


So I guess what I’m saying is:
Don’t take any meeting you have with someone for granted. That person you bump into on the street may wind up being your best friend for the rest of your life.


Sorry! This is how my mind works. It has ALWAYS worked this way, but even more so now that I’m immersed in this new paradigm.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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  1. Lee Hardin

    I totally agree with your blog. Many different things have occurred in my life that has taken me away from mainstream theology. I’m considering moving to Colorado as thru some unusual intervention, I’ve met a group that believe as I do. Being here in WNC, I keep my beliefs to myself. Blessings to you….and a hug.

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