Thanks to Katie Wilker’s blog:
Cozy Seaside Homestead and Clear Your Clutter entry in particular. Sometimes I need to be walloped between the eyes to wake me up. That’s what Katie’s post did for me when I read it the other day. I kinda think we are on a similar path, she and I. One of the reasons I think it, is I found it rather interesting that she was writing about Louise Hay in this blog entry. In one of my early Law Of Attraction meetings I used to attend, my friend Lisa brought up the VERY book that Katie was referring to in her blog. I’m beginning to REALLY see all these serendipitous events cross my horizon now what with Monday’s discussion with my friends conversations about my blog entries and it’s enlightening for me because if it weren’t for my being on this path I wouldn’t recognize that they were happening.

As happens quite frequently, I stepped off the clear cut path here, but sometimes the best travels arrive when we take a chance and take the road less traveled. Let’s back to our regularly scheduled program now.

What Katie said about clearing off your nightstand and your bedroom bureaus is something I’ve been seriously neglecting. I’ve had matted pictures stacked on my bureau for months now, books on my nightstand, just a whole host of paraphernalia that was simply taking up space. Seeing as I have Mondays off, I spent that morning in my bedroom cleaning, dusting and going through my bureau, discarding ragged t-shirts I’m ashamed to wear even in the privacy of my own home. I cleared off my night stand and the top of my bureau. I even vacuumed. Once the bedroom was done I simply couldn’t neglect the rest of my place so Tuesday Morning before work, I was a whirling dervish in my living room, dusted, vacuumed and straightened out in there as well. So I owe a debt of gratitude to Ms. Wilker for FINALLY motivating me.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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