I’m reminded of a scene in my FAVORITE author Jonathan Carroll’s book called The Ghost in Love. Mr Carroll gets better with each new book he writes. Just a quick plot to get you up to speed. Ben is out walking his dog one winter day and he falls on a sheet of ice. He should have died that day but he doesn’t. So God sends down a ghost to figure out what happened. This ghost, Ling tries to solve the reason Ben didn’t die. At one point in the story, Ling sends Ben back to his childhood as an adult. Ben is able to watch his child self and Ben is amazed when he sees his child self swinging on a swing set with his childhood sweetheart.


What if you could return to a time in your life at ONLY one point? You could see yourself as a child and communicate with that child JUST once? What would you say? What would you do? Would you warn your child not to do something in the future? Would you tell him to DO something you didn’t do?


I’ve written here a few times that I would have loved to know about The Law of Attraction as a youth. I think had I known this simple theory growing up and actually been able to put into practice on a daily basis I would have done amazing things.


There are three important things I would tell my child and I don’t think telling him these would harm the space/time continuum. (Can you tell I’m a HUGE Star Trek Fan?) LOL


As I’ve written previously, my biggest fear is changing the future, by changing the past. If I take this road instead of that road, my life will be COMPLETELY different from where I am now. My life is golden at this moment. I have the BEST group of friends I’ve EVER had. Two friends I wouldn’t trade the world for. I count on them for different things and I love them both dearly. They are the two BEST friends I’ve EVER had. I certainly wouldn’t want to run the risk of losing them.


In the end, I think I would take my child by the hand and give him a long embrace; explain to him that there will be rough times, times when you want to scream, times when you want to disappear from the earth, times when you want to hurt others both physically and emotionally.


You’ll persevere. You’ll move on. In time you will understand that forgiveness is the key to having a better life. Forgive all the slights. Forgive and you’ll grow!


There will also be times of amazing joy. Relish those! Keep them close to your heart and when things are not so joyous, remember the joyful things. Remembering the joyful things will return those happy feelings. Your thoughts go a LONG way to determining your outlook. Always remember that! Your thoughts determine your outlook! I’d look my child in the eyes and ask him to repeat that phrase. I’d tell him to repeat it again and again.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn some huge life lessons and these are the MOST important lessons I want to impart on you:
1. Forgive all the slights that are done to you, for only in forgiveness will you grow.
2. You can’t change anyone one else or their behavior. Don’t attempt to. You can only change yourself. When you change yourself, your own behavior everything around you will change.
3. Your thoughts determine your outlook. Do you know what that statement is? I’d ask? That’s called The Law of Attraction. Your thoughts create your reality. I’d smile at my child and give him one more embrace, ask him to repeat that phrase, then I’d get up and walk away.


For another perspective on this issue, check out Alicia Cuthbertson blog:
Chronicles Of A Busy Mind
and her entry called:
Listen To Your Own Advice


My friend, Dana Hilmer has a website called Lifestyle Mom. She also has a weekly online radio show at LA Talk Radio called LifestyleMom Radio Cafe. You can listen to past shows but it is yesterday’s show (November 23) that is pertinent to this entry. In the show she speaks to someone about this VERY topic.


While I was out having coffee yesterday, Dana came in and mentioned the show and what she was discussing. Wow! More synchronicity.


Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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