I’m playing with all of you today. Remember at the end of yesterday’s entry I said I typically write these weeks in advance? Well, today it’s important to pay attention to ALL the words I used. Which one do you think is the MOST important word in that sentence? If you chose:
TYPICALLY give yourself a prize.

I ACTUALLY did have another entry written for today, but after talking on the phone yesterday to my friend who I also emailed yesterday and after reading Wendy McGee’s entry yesterday I decided to post this entry today and NOT next Tuesday as I originally planned. Today’s ORIGINAL post has been shuffled to NEXT Tuesday.

After reading my post today I’m sure you’ll see it makes MUCH more sense to use THIS one today and NOT next Tuesday. Without further ado I give you:

Emailed a friend of mine yesterday who was an early follower of my blog to talk to him about some of the events that have been lining up in my life recently. The overriding factor to this is what I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s Dreams Entry where conversations I’ve had have turned to be topics for upcoming blog entries.

I follow a number of blogs and one of my friends, Wendy McGee has a blog called:
Life With Wendy and she posted something yesterday:
Coming Soon — 7 more days that stopped me cold yet again. In the entry she used some key terms that I refer to ALL the time:
–I am not here for me but rather here because I have a gift I need to share.
–Everyone has their own mission

Look at the following entry I wrote in June called Finding Your Gift. I certainly don’t expect everyone to be on the same page, to see everything as I do now, but even those who doubt some of what I may spout here occasionally (I know you’re out there and that’s fine) EVEN you must have chills after that, and seeing the similarities in our entries were written months apart.

I’ve written about these two topics consistently throughout the time I’ve been writing this blog. But I found the initial key to unlocking all these serendipitous events a few months ago by discovering Carla Goddards’s blog:
A Shaman Medicine Woman’s Journey.

Don’t recall now how I even came across her blog but there have been SO many times when we’re on the EXACT same page. Either I’ll write something and later discover a similar topic that she has written about or she’ll write something and I’ll go back and read it then I’ll slap my head and think, HOLY cow! I just wrote something about that the other day. She unlocked my spiritual doors and threw them open, shedding light on a place I KNEW was there. I didn’t have the keys to open that particular door though.

Now that that door has been swung open I’m privy to so many more experiences, and I can see them SO much clearer. No longer am I pressing my eyes against a clouded over window or attempting to open a door with a set of keys that don’t fit. I’m convinced that Carla had the set of keys I needed and once more I’m struck by the awe of my own God presenting me gifts when I need them. I’ve spoken about this earlier as well, that God gives us what we need when we need it, not before and not after. He knows the EXACT time we need something and he’s ALWAYS RIGHT on time.

I see so many serendipitous events happening now and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have seen them earlier. It’s not my place to figure out why these things are happening; but I’m convinced there’s a reason for it. At some point, another door will be unlocked by someone else, shedding light on another room. Then and ONLY then will I understand why this is happening to me now. It’s still fun to puzzle out why these events are occurring, however.

Check out Hope Despite Depression’s post on synchronicity.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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