Who hasn’t dreamed of family and friends who have passed? I bet everyone has had those dreams. Are these the dreams you ALWAYS recall with great clarity? If so, do you sometimes question why they stay with you long after you’ve forgotten others? Here’s what I believe. I bet you’re thinking:
“Uh oh. Here he goes again! Off The Deep End.

The reason these dreams stay with you long after you’ve forgotten others is because dreaming is the only way for these people have to reach out to you. Your loved ones who have passed have no other way of communication. In order for them to come to you they must use dreams and they want for you to know that they are still present in your life even if you can’t reach out to them physically. They WANT you to remember! Therefore you do.

Sometimes, if you’re fortunate you can change the course of your dream and manage to stay in the dream for a longer period of time. The next time you have such a dream, reach out to the person, give them a hug. Tell them you understand why they are there. Tell them you love them and thank them for visiting you. Watch for a reaction. You might be surprised.

Several years ago while I was working at my library, someone I worked with had a massive heart attack while at work. I ACTUALLY saw him go down. I knew IMMEDIATELY that he was not going to survive. At the time it was the most devastating thing I’d EVER witnessed. I hoped never to see anything like it again. For weeks after I could close my eyes and see it over and over.

About a week after the passing, John appeared in my dreams for several nights. Always at the library. He’d float in and simply smile at me. He NEVER spoke or if he did I don’t recall. I’m convinced his smile was telling me he was fine. Not to worry.

Even now, after John’s been gone for over five years, he still pops in one in awhile. He doesn’t stay long and he has yet to speak to me. Just knowing he’s not far gives me comfort. Another friend of mine I’ve spoken of in previous blog entries, this on specifically:
The Professor and her Husband came to me in several dreams after she passed as well.

It seems that because I’m so open to the spiritual realm that people I’ve cared for who have passed feel comfortable enough to visit me. They know I will accept the visits and that I understand why they are coming to me. I feel blessed to have this gift. Never gave this any thought until this moment, as I’m writing this entry, but these “Dream Visits” have happened sporadically to me as people who’ve been important to me in some way have passed. I’m truly grateful for them.

Anyone else have this experience?

As an addendum to this entry, some ironic? coincidental? strange experiences have come about because I’m writing this blog now. Before I get into these happenings, let me start out by saying that I generally write my posts weeks in advance. I’d never have time to write them the night before, besides I’m such a critic of my own work that I spend days going over every thing I write, polishing here, taking words out there. I’m seldom happy with the finished product so I need that extra time to edit. So, now you know one of my trade secrets. So this post on Dream Visits was written on Wednesday, November 17.

So on Friday, I received an email from my friend, Julie who mentioned that she had a dream about her father who had passed a few years ago. Weird how that came up after I’d already written this. I have another close friend where this has happened too many times to count. We can be discussing something and all of a sudden I realize that the next days blog entry is about the VERY thing we’re discussing. I find it a nice feeling. Like the universe is saying:
“Yup, these are the people who matter most to you and this is how we’re communicating that fact. Don’t take this for granted.”

It’s like a wake up call, a knock on your spiritual door:
“Pay attention here!”

Not that I need it because I’m ALWAYS paying attention to this stuff. It is still nice to know however that I’m not being neglected.

Anyone else ever have anything LIKE THIS happen to them? Pay attention when these things DO occur. It’s the universe’s way of knocking on YOUR spiritual door!

Be Happy! Be Well! Positive!


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