Friday evening when I arrived home from work, I found that I had no DSL service.  Someone in my business, (Blogging, photography etc) can find it next to impossible not to be connected.  Had this happened before I made the changes I have, I would have been pulling my hair out and been stomping around my condo angry at the world.  Just another example of how far I’ve come.  I knew this would get resolved and getting worked up over something I had no control over at the moment was going to be counter productive.  Why waste useless energy over something I couldn’t control?

I had plans to be out on Saturday night when I left work anyway so I wouldn’t have access to my computer then anyway.  And if worse came to worse I could always head into work and use my computer there.  Yesterday, Monday, I called my DSL service and discovered the reason for the lack of service.  I recently changed a credit card number and my service had my old number on file.  I saw one of the tech guys a few weeks ago and he told me about it, but it slipped my mind and I forgot to update the card.  All is well now.  Just as I knew it would be.  Lesson learned.  Don’t get angry over something that’s out of your control.  The stress is only going to hurt you!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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