“Theists, atheists, both are victims. The really religious person has nothing to do with The Bible or the Koran or the Bhagavad Gita. The really religious person has a deep communion with existence. He can say yes to a roseflower, he can say yes to the stars, he can say yes to people, he can say yes to his own being, his own desires. He can say yes to whatsoever life brings to him. He is a yea-sayer.”

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…This is the BEST description of religion I’ve EVER seen and it necessitated a blog entry, which once more means a shifting of my posts.  Today’s Friday, April 29 is moving to Monday, May 2nd and so on.

See?  This is what I sincerely believe.  Religion is all tied up in dogma and it’s the biggest reason I’m turned off by it.  Spirituality?  Now that’s what I feel.  I understand that I return to this subject numerous times with my blog, but that’s only because I feel so deeply about it.  I’ve NEVER been comfortable in any church setting and the more I consider the reasons why the deeper my convictions become.  I THINK what I’m REALLY searching for in my own spiritual treasure hunt if you want to call it that is this:
A place where we can all speak about what’s important to us; our own personal belief system.  How we practice our own divinity, how we communicate with our own God.

Unfortunately, a church setting doesn’t allow a conversation between members during mass or service.  That’s what I’m REALLY looking for and I believe it’s why I’ve never been comfortable, happy, at peace in any church setting I’ve been involved with.  I need to understand why other people are there.  I need interaction with them.  I want to know what their belief system is.  I want to know why they keep returning, those that do.  I bet if you took time after the service was over and asked; most people would want the same answers.
I think that’s the only way to settle disagreements.  If we can all find common ground our issues, our challenges, our disagreements will vanish.  We need a dialog.  We need to communicate.  We need to share our belief systems with each other.  After all everyone who is religious, everyone who is spiritual all pray to a higher power.  Isn’t that enough to get us started on this common path?

I think so.  What do you think?


Talk about serendipity, my friend, Jessica Mokrzycki wrote a blog entry yesterday called:

Smaller World Bigger Peace in which she quotes Thomas Merton:
“No, the great business of our time is this: for one man to find himself in another one who is on the other side of the world. Only by such contacts can there be peace, can the sacredness of life be preserved and developed and the image of God manifest itself in the world.”

     Thomas Merton,
A Life in Letters, p. 107

This is to some degree what I’m saying above, that the only way to reconcile our differences is to find our commonalities.  I’ll repeat Jessica’s quote here:
Only by such contacts can there be peace, can the sacredness of life be preserved and developed and the image of God manifest itself in the world.”

Another friend and blogger I know, Carla Goddard at:
Sacred Soul Shaman
and I have written about the same thing without any knowledge of doing so many times.  She would say that when this happens we are both tuned to the same wave, the same frequency.  The more I’m focused on this path the greater I see that this is indeed the case.  I see this much more often now and it seems to be only feasible explanation I can come up with.  Are you familiar with the termOccam’s Razor?It states when two competing theories arise the one that provides the simplest explanation is the correct one.

I’ve used Occum’s Razor here before to illustrate an example.  Can’t recall now what I used it for.  I’ll use it again to explain Carla’s theory and say that yes I believe in the case where serendipitous events occur such as writing similar blog posts I do believe we are tuned to the same frequency.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all!


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