Shuffling things YET again.  NOW what was SUPPOSED to be TODAY’S entry is moving to Wednesday, and so on.  This is what happens when I write my posts weeks in advance.  Invariably, something will come up that needs writing about.  In its place is this entry called Radar:

Have you ever experienced a KNOWING?  Has anyone ever come to you and asked you what you think will happen in the future?  Let me let you in on a little secret of mine.  Up until about seven years ago I had an uncanny ability to predict what would happen long term to someone who asked.  The trick though was the person asking had to be close to me, a friend I’d cultivated for several years.  Didn’t work with a stranger of the street.What happened about seven years ago I bet you’re asking.  Someone broke my radar.  A friend who was going through some turmoil who I accurately predicted for in the past had come to me again, wondering when the chaos would end.  I gave the information that was given to me (again I don’t really know where it came from.  I’d like to say it was from the divine.  That’s what I think, anyway.)  As it turned out, I was wrong EVERY TIME.  Eventually, this friend gave up asking.  They realized my prediction ability was gone. Fast forward a few years and a few friends.  I currently have some friends, the same friends I referred  to in Locating The Stillness.  They’re going through a bit of turbulence in their lives at the moment and have so several times since I’ve known them.  They are aware of my ability and have asked in the past what I THINK would happen.  The first time I predicted I was wrong. They came back the next time however and I predicted correctly what would happen.  Two other times I was right as well.  My confidence was returning.  The current situation they find themselves in is no different from the others and once again the asked me what I thought.  I found out yesterday (Sunday, May 1) that once more my prediction came true.  I’d correctly anticipated their outcome six months before it had actually come to fruition.They’ve asked what I think will happen next and I told them the message that was given to me.  If my radar is TRULY fixed and I believe it is then they are happy with the answer I received and gave to them.  Time will tell.THINK my radar is fixed now.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.


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