Sometimes I think my life is like my linen closet — constantly in need of cleaning, discarding, rearranging and straightening.  Unfortunately, linen closets never straighten or clean themselves.  Likewise, we can’t — by our own power — change our lives.  When we open the door and allow God’s life changing power to enter in… step by step, moment by moment… he begins a good work in us.  Dead wood is cut out.  Discipline is applied.  Priorities rearranged.  In some areas, he works quickly.  In others, painfully slow.  But his timing is perfect.

God Always Has A Plan B
Page 80

I don’t ALWAYS feel like my life needs rearranging.  But when that notion comes about I understand that it’s a chance to move forward, to grow in some life changing way.  What does the phrase:
Dead wood is cut out. mean to you?  I don’t want to leave any impression on you with what that phrase means to me.  At some point in a future entry I will give my impressions.  At the moment I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts.  Do have examples where God/Source/Universe has made changes in your life?  Some quick changes where you barely had time to reflect on them?  How about a few where you waited patiently or impatiently whatever the choice maybe?

I like the line:
linen closets never straighten or clean themselves.  To me that’s further evidence that even though God works his miracles we STILL have work to do ourselves.  I’m reminded of the parable of The Drowning Man.

See? We must rely on earthly commands as well as divine commands if we are to live a spiritual life.  There’s that word Balance again.  It seems to be cropping up quite a bit recently.  Wonder why?  Since I’m so entrenched in my spirituality and I see the divine in EVERYTHING, I’d have to say seeing the word and using it as often as I have in my blog must mean something for me.  Maybe I need more balance in my own life.  I’ll have to take that under advisement.  (Inside joke.)

Anyway back on point:
When we open the door and allow God’s life changing power to enter in… step by step, moment by moment… he begins a good work in us.

Remember change is a good thing for everyone.  I REALLY like the phrase here:
he begins a good work in us.

If we can remember that ALL change is good work for us, though it will be difficult to see at the time, we will ultimately succeed where others whither.  God only wants what’s best for us.  He will NEVER lead us down a wrong path.  Remember, the quotation:
God Is Love?
How can love steer you wrong?  It can’t.
How can love be vindictive, punishing?  It can’t.
How can love be mean spirited?  It can’t.

God makes no mistakes.
YOU are NOT a mistake!
God loves EVERYONE!
God IS good work!

The ONLY phrase I have difficulty with here is:
Discipline is applied.

The immediate connotation that comes to mind for me is to punish.  Since God is love, love doesn’t punish.

I surely understand there are different meanings to discipline but the one that sticks out for me is punishment.

What do you think?  Would love to hear your take on this.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to Everyone.


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