Received a request recently to write something more about past lives.  Gave it some thought for awhile and thought that since the person who requested the topic has small children, I thought I
I’d focus on children’s past lives.  Here’s something you’ve probably seen and heard related many times over:
Children are sensitive to paranormal activity.

In other words they can sense things in the ethereal that adults cannot.  When a child loses someone close to them, a sibling, a close relative, a friend.  The child may say they see the person and describe what the deceased person is doing to such a degree that they can’t be making it up.  Don’t dismiss their description as mere fantasy.  Just because an adult can’t see what the child is describing doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.The same goes with children who tell stories of an experience that seems almost too real.  Sit down with your child and ask them questions.  Engage them in their story.  You may just come away with a greater feeling of joy, of respect.  Maybe your young child has an affinity for language?  An artistic talent that simply shouldn’t appear at the young age that they are?

Maybe they can pick up a musical instrument and play without knowing the first thing about rhythm, without knowing how to read notes.

Maybe they pick up a paint brush and start painting a picture and you have no idea how they can be so intricate with their design.

Have you ever seen this example?
Two children who have NEVER met, come across each other, maybe at the beach or in a store or maybe a library.  They plop down and immediately connect.  They start a conversation all the while never taking their eyes off of each other.  When it’s time to go, and each parent comes to collect their children, the children reach out to each other and simply won’t be extracted.

What would your initial reaction be?  If you understood anything about past lives in children your thoughts might go somewhere completely different to someone who had no knowledge of this phenomenon.

You’re probably wondering why I gave this particular example.  There MUST be a reason, right?  If you said yes, then Ding! Ding! Ding! You get the prize.  This VERY thing happened in my experience a couple of weeks ago and it never even dawned on me to blog about.  I was at Hammonasset Beach with my camera down near Meigs Point.  The warm weather brought quite a few families out.  Two children, a boy MAYBE about three and a girl around the same age broke away from their respective families.  The boy’s family, let’s call him Sean was walking down the stairs of picnic shelter close to the beach.

I was sitting on one of the tables and had a clear view of what happened next.  Both children saw each other at the same time.  The young girl was playing in the sand with her Mom and she looked up at JUST the moment the boy did as he was descending the steps.  We’ll call her Maggie.  Maggie leapt up from her place on the sand and raced over to Sean.  She took Sean by the hand and brought him back to the spot where she was playing.  From that moment on, they carried on a private conversation.

Both sets of parents were shocked.  You could see the surprising looks on their faces.  I overheard Maggie’s parents saying something about Maggie being very quiet, never assertive, certainly never one to be the first to make an approach to someone new.  I would LOVED to have gone up to them and have given them some advice.  It wasn’t my place however.  Maggie and Sean played on for as long as I was there and just as I picked up my camera to move on, the two families began to do the same.  I watched from a distance as both children saw their parents walk towards them.

Once more, Maggie was the assertive one.  She reached out and grabbed Sean’s hand and wouldn’t let go.  I moved a little closer and overheard Maggie shout out something at the top of her lungs that still runs chills down my spine
Don’t take him away from me again.  He was my best friend.

It stopped both sets of parents in their tracks.  Maggie’s mom crouched down and whispered something in her ear.  Boy would I have LOVED to hear what she said.  With that, the children were separated and they were still trying to reach for each other.

Not only would I have loved to hear what Maggie’s mom whispered to her, I would also have loved to have been a fly with both families as they returned to their respective homes.

Scary stuff for those not steeped in this paradigm.  That’s why it is SO important NOT to dismiss stories like Maggie and Sean.  What if…?

Children are MUCH more sensitive.
Their play should be taken seriously.
Their stories should be taken seriously.

Don’t dismiss anything a child says to you.  You never know when they may be telling you something true.

Remember Maggie and Sean the next time a child tells you a story.  If you want more information on past lies in children, check out these two books I’ve read recently:
Soul Survivor:
The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

Old Souls:
The Scientific Evidence For Past Lives

I’ve mentioned both books in previous entries here, but both are important to look at again.  What do you think?  Do we come back?  Read these books then try to explain the uncanny stories of these children.  If nothing else, they will stretch your belief system and you just might come away with a MAYBE.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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