Nonphysical is not asking you to ascribe to some specific label or stand in specific corners or in specific synagogues or churches with specific words. You are beings who are blessed and who are deserving of Well-being, and you will find your Well-being in many different ways — and the labels simply do not matter.
— Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Dallas, TX on Saturday, March 13th, 1999 # 155
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Abraham Hicks
Thursday, August 4, 2011
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This is good for me to see.  I understand, in fact I’ve ALWAYS understood that God/Source/ whatever you pit your faith in appreciates and loves everyone.  In my opinion, What God is REALLY looking for is a personal relationship, a private relationship.  Yes it’s important to share your belief system with others.

That’s the IMPORTANT word in that sentence.  What happens when you attend a typical church service?  One person gets up and speaks.  Let me ask you a question.
Is that YOUR definition of sharing?

It’s NOT mine.  Ultimately, what I’m looking for in a church, is the universal definition of the word:

Where the entire congregation can speak in turn; discussing what brought them there, what their belief system is, how it differs and how it’s the same from others in the congregation.  What I think would be a tremendous step forward is a church where ALL beliefs were welcome.  If we were able to sit down as humanity with EVERY other belief system, Christianity, Jewish, Buddhists, EVERYONE, and discuss are differences as well as are similarities in a safe forum, I think we’d ALL find that we REALLY are more similar than not.

My own belief system is probably radically different from some of my friends and readers here, but I think we all find a way to discover the similar and agree to accept the differences.
We all believe in the same Divinity.  
We all look to the same Divinity for answers.

I KNOW that MY God doesn’t look down on me because I don’t attend a church service.  I’ve seen him create miracles in my life.  If HE was NOT happy with me for ANY reason, the miracles simply wouldn’t happen.  Some may find this next statement sacrilegious.  I’m simply warning you ahead of time so you can be prepared.
I don’t THINK God worries whether we attend a church service or not.

I THINK all God wants is a personal relationship with you.

That’s what I think Abraham is saying here:
Nonphysical is not asking you to ascribe to some specific label or stand in specific corners or in specific synagogues or churches with specific words.

Take time out of your day, EVERY day to have a conversation with HIM, NOT just one conversation, communicate with HIM ALL day.
Thank HIM in the morning when you wake up.
Thank HIM for all the gifts he’s given to you.
Ask HIM how his day went. (Now I’m being funny, maybe.)

But maybe I’m not.  Have you EVER really thought about talking to HIM the same way you talk to your friends?  Maybe you should consider it.

That’s what I’m referring to when I say:
What God is really looking for is a personal relationship.

He’s NOT looking for labels.
He’s NOT worried and upset that you don’t attend church.
He simply wants to know that you acknowledge him.

Again, I’m WELL aware that my belief of the above runs counter to many.  As I have maintained here from this blog’s inception however, What kind of world would we have if everyone believed what everyone else did?  I know I wouldn’t want to live in that world.  Would you?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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