Belief should be ever evolving within you, it should never become stagnant, or your capacity to grow will cease.

The God Light
Monday, September 12 Twitter

Since my blog took a turn to the more spiritual, I’ve also become more cognizant of other spiritual blogs.  There have been several that I’ve become a fan of.  What draws me to these blogs?  The fact that the writers are in the same place I am.  Questioning organized religion’s impact on today’s society.  The reason I chose The God Light’s quote to write about today is that I TRULY believe it.

As I’ve said here many times before, you can’t stay in one place your entire life, or you WILL stagnate.

Does a river ever stop moving?
Does the earth ever stop spinning?
Do the continents ever stop shifting?


Then why should your belief ever stop evolving?

Religion vs Spirituality is ongoing subject of this blog and many others I follow.  I’m certainly NOT trying to be offensive to ANYONE in my reading audience.  And I hope all of my readers understand this, but the quote above exemplifies my feelings.

My belief system is continually evolving.  Is yours? As an example:
There was a time when I had no clue about reincarnation or past lives.  The first time I came across this theme was with a movie called The Return.  I tried to find it online and link to the the site, however I was unsuccessful.  The movie must be out of print.  It resonated so deeply with me that I STILL remember it to this day, even though I first watched in the mid 1980’s.

Your assignment is to track the movie down.  I remember scenes:
–An old man w/long scraggly gray hair in a wooded pool with boulders all around.
–The same old man in a barn somewhere.

The reason for bringing up this movie is to show how a key event can plant a seed in your life.  If you cultivate the seed you’ll see it grow.  I was so taken with the theme of reincarnation that I ran with it.  Next on my list was a book called:
Walking After Midnight
This was a book with personal experiences of some well known people in the entertainment industry telling their own stories about reincarnation.  I’m by no means an expert in the study, but I’ve come to a rock solid belief that we all come back over an over.

Our belief system should be ever evolving.  If you find yourself questioning your OWN paradigm, your own world view, don’t be startled, don’t be afraid, don’t run and hide from it.

Embrace it!
Run with it!
Research it!

If you find others disapprove, get angry, are disappointed, don’t let that stop you.
Life is a marathon.
Life is life long education.

As you progress along life’s river you’re going to pass people by and that’s alright.  You never know what you’ll find around the next bend.  The River of Life is constantly flowing.  Get in your boat and explore.

Do you want to stay in one place?
Do you WANT to stagnate?

I didn’t think so.

Go forth and seek new thought.
Don’t let anyone prevent you from learning.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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