The measure of peace surrounding a person’s life is often a projection of the measure of peace within that person.

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September 15, 2011

Being at peace is a state of mind.  If you can stay calm when everything around is NOT, then you’ve learned a lesson that many people are continually trying to master.  The peace you feel within your soul can radiate out toward others.  You can project that calm and those people that you surround yourself with will feel it as well.

If your friends know that you are a peaceful person, someone who does not get rattled, and if your friends DO let frenzied circumstances of their lives disturb their calm they will naturally gravitate toward someone, you, who can settle them down.  The question then becomes:
Are you willing to become the person who will take on that negative force?

That all depends on the amount of negativity you’re willing to assume.  Are the people who are seeking you out in a continual downward spiral?  Or is it just a temporary challenge they are facing?  Can you share some of your peace without losing your perspective?

Peace is a needed commodity in this life today.  We are constantly racing from one appointment to the next.

We need to learn to slow down and take life at a snail’s pace sometimes.
We need to take time to meditate.
We need to turn off all distractions.

If we can learn to do this, the amount of peace we feel in our souls, in our lives will grow exponentially.  Then we won’t have to share our peace with others because EVERYONE will feel it.  EVERYONE will have it.

We know this won’t happen though.  There are people we ALL know who can’t turn off the noise, who can’t stop, who can’t find calm in the storm.  Because we know this we will always return to the question I posed above:
How much time are you willing to spend sharing your peace, your calm with those people who can’t or won’t find it for themselves?

If you’re reading this blog and you’re a frequent visitor here, I imagine we share many of the same qualities.  I would bet your answer to the above question would be similar to mine:
You’d give as much time as needed and not consider yourself.

That can be an admirable trait, but you MUST be careful not to drain yourself of the much needed peace in your own being.  You MUST know when to give and when to pull back.  It’s been difficult at times to learn.  I have sometimes stayed too long in a relationship ONLY because I wanted to help that person move beyond a hurt.  I wanted so much to give my peace to them because I have so much of it to share.  But unless THEY are willing to move forward, unless they are willing to change, no amount of giving on my part will help.  I can be surrounded by all the peace in my soul and be willing to share it but the people I’m sharing with must be willing to NOT only take what I’m offering but also be willing to do some of the work to hold onto that peace.

Peace, calm, serenity.  We must find a way to hold onto these things today.
How are you keeping these things within you?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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