Wednesday night after work, my friend, Cathy of Sea Green Natural  and I drove to Middletown, Connecticut to meet fellow blogger Jessica who writes Ascending the Hills,  Cathy also writes Sea Green Natural’s Blog.  Jessica and I have talked a couple of times on the phone and the three of us had been attempting a face to face meeting since last spring.  Something always interfered however.  We met at a local coffee place called Javapalooza.  The three of us carried on a conversation as if we’d known each other for years.We talked about Faith, God and everything in between.  As we were talking I watched the other customers, looking for a reaction from them as it can sometimes be uncomfortable for others when they hear religion being discussed; even though we weren’t discussing religion per se, God and Faith DID come up in the conversation.  Some of the the patrons who arrived after we did picked up their stuff and left shortly after we began talking.  Whether this was a result of overhearing our conversation I don’t know and I won’t know.  This is how my mind operates.  I’m always cognizant of those around me.  I think it’s the writer in me, constantly aware of what others are doing.  It’s like my photographer’s eye, always scanning the scenes for that next great photo op.A blessing and a curse.  A blessing, because I don’t miss much of what goes on around me.  A curse, because sometimes I’m so busy paying attention to what’s happening around me that I miss what’s in front of me.  Not this day however.  I was listening intently to what Jessica had to say and filling in my thoughts when I felt the need.  We talked about books we both read and I mentioned that her blog had inspired me to read books I would never have thought I’d be interested in several years ago.  It was so refreshing getting to actually sit down with someone who shares my same belief system.  We agreed to meet again and we all look forward to it.  We want to plan some field trips.  We discussed attending Quaker Meetings and maybe taking a few trips into New York City.  One of the authors we talked about was Timothy Keller.  I recently discovered that he has a church in New York City and we talked about locating that church and listening to him.

I guess in a way we have known each other for awhile, after all we’d been following each other’s blogs and we’d emailed several times as well.  Jessica and I have similar blogs as we both write about spiritual matters.  As I think back now I’m reminded that Jessica’s blog is the first purely spiritual blog I came across when my own blog turned from Law of Attraction to Spirituality.  I’ve watched Jessica’s growth as her blog has changed direction.  Her worldview has changed and she’s come to understand God in larger terms.  She understands like myself, that you can’t put God in a box. That God is everywhere and you don’t need a go between to reach him.

We all left feeling quite enthusiastic about finally getting to meet each other and we look forward to our next meeting.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?  Bloggers meeting each other?  If not I highly recommend it if you feel comfortable enough.  I believe a good time was had by all three of us.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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