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I’ve been returning to SeededBuzz  a bit more recently and that’s only because I want to promote my fellow bloggers.  Last Monday was Bonita Summers The Intuitive Perspective.  Today, lets discuss Cecilia Cotterino’s A Modest Faith.  A couple weeks ago, she wrote:
Walking “in his steps
.”   The title of her column immediately turned me back to my own column called: Footprints in the Sand.  After reading the column that Cecilia refers to called: In His Steps, I realize there are similar traits to my Footprints column and Elle Alice’s In His Steps.

Both columns discuss how footprints can be a metaphor for faith.  In my column, the footprints are that of Jesus.  In Elle Alice’s they are literally a metaphor for Jesus.  Ell Alice writes:
Then I saw them: boot prints. Large boot prints of someone with sturdy steps in the snow. I stepped into the much-larger boot prints and was able to walk up the steep driveway by following the steps of my unknown hero with the big boots. I made it up to my studio and realized, Isn’t this the life of the disciple of Jesus? To follow in His steps?

We are both saying the same thing but we’re getting there differently, Elle Alice says the way to reach God is to follow Jesus, follow in his steps.  When we can’t follow him, when we are in a downturn, when we feel as if the world is weighing us down, when we feel like giving up, that’s where my column can lift you up.  You simply have to reach out, ask for help; that’s when you’ll be cared for, when you’ll be carried.  In the poem Footprints, when the young man looks back over course of his life he sees that at his lowest points the there is only one set of footprints  That’s because as the poem suggests:
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you.

If you can remember to always trust in the Divine, in God, in Source and follow in his footsteps as best you can and when you can’t walk another step to reach out and ask for help, you’ll be cared for during your entire time.

Don’t fret!
Don’t worry!

Reach out!
Follow the feet and all will be fine.

After I re-read what I’ve written here thus far, I’m reminded of a quote by Sir Isaac Newton:
If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the dreamer in the poem Footprints, REALLY was carried by Jesus and he KNEW he was being carried.  Who is a bigger giant then Jesus?  I understand that I’m taking Newton’s comment out of context, but imagine just how far you COULD see if you were indeed given the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of Jesus?  What WOULD you see?  I wonder.

Your future?
Your past?

Would you want to see?
Could you change anything?
And if you could change something, would you want to?

All esoteric questions I know.  But they’re questions worth considering.  I’ll return to the initial topic here and leave you with this final thought once more:
When things look bleak, remember to follow the feet and reach out when you can no longer walk on your own.  God/Source/The Divine is ALWAYS there!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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