Growing up, I relied on my friends to pull me up by the bootstraps.  I was seeking encouragement, seeking advice, seeking comfort.  My friends were always there when I needed them.  That’s why I think now as I look back, I count my friends as a true blessing in my life.  They were my rock.  Not to take anything away from my family but there are things that you simply cannot discuss with family that you can with friends.  As I wrote in the column: Be A Listener:
A few years ago while still maintaining that friendship, God decided it was time for someone else to enter.  What was different with this new friendship was that I became the support, where in my previous friendships I was the person looking for support.  I think God, in HIS infinitely humorous state, decided that it was time for me to step up.  Nothing gives me greater satisfaction then being able to repay some of my Karmic debt by being the best friend I can be.
My friendships growing up taught me that friendships aren’t just one sided.  There must be a balancing of the scales.  If you’re the one in need of support during one phase of your life, then at some point you’ll be the one offering comfort to the friends you make.  That’s karma.  That’s a balancing of life’s scales.

My friendships now especially one in particular, has worked out this way (as I wrote that previous line, I realize now that there is one other friendship where I’ve been the support) and I truly believe that the relationships I cultivated growing up lead me to my friendships today.  Were it not for my having to lean on the people in my life when I was in my youth, I wouldn’t have learned how to be the support today.  So I’m grateful for that lesson.


I’m grateful that the Divine/God/Source saw fit to put me in a situation where I learned my karmic lessons.  My friends today rely on me in a way I relied on my childhood friends and they are always saying they feel as if they’re always taking and not giving anything in return.  I remind them often that there is a balancing act in the world; that everything has a way of working out, that just because it MAY seem as if someone is taking, somewhere down the line, life will balance itself out.  There is a yin and a yang to EVERY aspect of life.  Don’t let anyone convince you there isn’t.  Everything will balance out in the end.  Today’s giver will take tomorrow.  That’s not a bad thing.  It’s not a good thing.  It’s simply the way nature works.


I also constantly remind my friends that the reason I go out of my to be the support they need when they need it is because I WANT to be there.  I expect NOTHING in return because I understand Karma and I understand that somewhere down the line I’ll be repaid for my good works.  I LOVE my friends and if you’re fortunate enough to be in my inner circle then I will do whatever it takes to help you when you need it.


Karma, balance, it’s the way the world works, both the divine world AND the physical world.  Your friendships, ALL of your relationships for that matter, your family as well are all in your life to teach you balance.  Everyone in your life has been in your life countless times before and will be with you again countless times after your soul has transitioned.  It’s another divine law.  We must be with the same people in each new incarnation.  At our divine level, we recognize those who have been in our lives previously.  It’s why we gravitate toward certain people; because our souls identify with those we love.

Karma teaches us that we still have life lessons to learn and some of us learn those lessons at  a faster rate then others.  Souls that have incarnated many multiple times (old souls) have a leg up and learn those lessons quicker.  My karmic friendships have taught me that there is a delicate balancing act to all relationships.


Have you seen this play out in your own life?  If you are only now recognizing this then good for you for seeing it.  Pay closer attention to it and you’ll see it more often.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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