Frequently the outsider, always the explorer searching for truth across many lands, this soul continued to seek a rational meaning to life while giving aid to those he met along the way.  I was surprised when he popped up as the wife of an American farmer on the frontier in the nineteenth century.  The farmer died soon after their marriage. I learned that my subject had deliberately incarnated to be a widow with children, tied to a piece of property, as an exercise in the loss of mobility

Journey of Souls
Case 22

Yeah!  Yeah! I know; everyone’s probably getting tired of reading quotes from Journey of Souls.  The book is leaving such a lasting impression on me, however,  and I’m always finding bits of information to write about.  The above quote is from case 22.  Since I’m reading this book on my iPad, the pages won’t match up with the book.

The above passage reflects someone who in their frequent incarnations has never settled down, someone who was most happy living a nomadic life.
The word I’m focusing on in this passage is DELIBERATE.  It seems, well deliberate; like that’s where the emphasis should be placed.  Why?  I wonder.  It seems that this soul, whether intentionally or not, wanted to learn what it was like to live a sedentary life. The only way for that to occur would be if our subject knew what life it was choosing and what life would be like when it chose to incarnate in the particular body it chose.

I always find it so fascinating that as souls we know EVERYTHING there is to know about the life we choose to inhabit before we incarnate.  Can you see it?  Soul upon soul looking down from above, picking the family they want, picking the life they know will give then the best opportunity to move forward.  The moment we understand humanity we lose our conscious thoughts as souls.  We forget what we knew when we chose to incarnate.

The deliberateness we use to choose our families, our bodies is lost to us.  For a fortunate few some of us are aware that we do come from spirit, that we do simply pass through death, like passing through a doorway.

Are you one of the few that know we return to our soul groups when we transition?  That we spend time in transition as souls in a way station before we choose to reincarnate?

Death is not the end!
As I wrote in a previous column:
Death is like removing an old coat.
You simply put a new coat on.

Deliberate Incarnation:
What do you believe?

I can really see my above example where souls are lined up in a waiting area looking down through a transparent floor, deciding which family they will incarnate too, what type of body they will use, whether they will be male or female.

Will they live a long life?
Will their life be challenging or easy?
Will they find their soul mate? And will that soul mate recognize them in turn?

Or will they deliberately incarnate into a life where their soul mate does not recognize them as who they should be with.  There are a whole host of reasons why this could happen.

Maybe in the last life together the two souls were in conflict.
Maybe in this life one of the souls wanted to understand what it would be like without their other half.  So that in the next life they could be together in a more meaningful way.

What we must remember is that even if we don’t find our soul mates during our physical incarnations we are ALWAYS together in spirit; and we WILL find each other again when we transition.

One of the things I’ve learned as a result of reading Journey of Souls is that we have soul groups that we belong too.  And these groups are our true home.  We recognize each other when we are in spirit.  It is fortunate that some of us carry a remembrance of our soul groups when we incarnate.

Have you ever seen someone for the first time and felt an instant connection?
That person is probably a member of your soul group.

I can’t recommend Journey of Souls highly enough. For those worried about losing your loved ones when they transition this book will offer you comfort. You’ll come to understand that we DO go somewhere when we pass and we DO meet those in our soul groups again.

Deliberate Incarnation:
When we reincarnate we will find those in our soul groups again.  Our lives will always intersect with those in our soul groups. We will find our soul mates

I’m reminded of a quote from one of my favorite movies:
I found you in hell. Don’t you think I could find you in Jersey!

What does that quote mean?
It means that if we want to be found, our soul mates WILL find us.
Take comfort in that!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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