My friend, Glenn brought me to a Past Life seminar on Wednesday night.  I thought we were just going to talk about Past Lives.  As it turned out we actually took a spiritual journey to a past life.  We took two journeys.  One was our own and one we took for a partner.  The second one, I will discuss in a moment made a huge impact on me, the one my partner took for me.

When we went to our own past life I found myself as a fourteen-sixteen year old boy.  I was surrounded by a mountainous range and a wooded area.  There was no clear indication of time period, but I was wearing what I can only describe as a loincloth.  I seemed genuinely happy to be out in the woods, which doesn’t surprise me as in this life I also enjoy walking in the woods.  I THINK maybe I was waiting for someone to join me as shortly after a friend was walking with me.  I remember smiling upon seeing my friend.  We walked under the canopy of trees when suddenly my friend disappeared from sight.  I was distressed, crying out when I realized they had fallen down a ravine.

I involuntarily came back to the present moment when this shock occurred. I opened my eyes briefly and looked around.  I felt myself shudder which may have been what transported me back.  I was back in the room for just a moment, probably a way to clear the negativity of the experience.  Closing my eyes once more I immediately returned to the place where my friend had vanished.  I felt a startling loss, knowing that I wouldn’t see my friend again.  Once the experience was over we were told by our instructor in the room to hold out our left hand and we’d be given something to take back with us.

A pure white stone was placed in my hand.  I don’t quite understand the significance of the white stone.  That’s alright though.  At some point clarity will probably be given to me.

Once we journeyed on our own, we paired up with someone else where we journeyed for our partner.  My partner, Keith who knew NOTHING about me, said he saw me as a seven year old boy in Jersey.

Okay.  Let me back up a minute.  Our instructor told us that when we left our journey we were to ask for a gift.  Keith received a ruler and after the experience, we spoke about what we saw and heard.  He told me he thought the significance of the ruler was learning.  If only he knew the importance of that lesson.  I told him how lifelong learning has such a huge impact on my life.  Being that I work in a library one must have a desire to stay up to date on new technology and new books.  This past life that Keith saw made a huge impact on me personally.

The other thing that influenced me was that Keith said I was a seven year old boy in Jersey.  Why did Jersey leave an impact on me.  It was the way he said it.


Okay.  Give up?  I’ll give ya hint:
I found you in Hell, don’t you think I can find you in Jersey!

That’s significant in itself.  You’ll have to Google that phrase to see where it came from.  Or maybe you’re already aware of the quote.

Just proves to me again how everything is connected.  

–The fact that Keith connected the ruler he was given to my love of education.
–The fact that the quote and the word Jersey holds significance for me.

For me there is no doubt that we all come back.  I didn’t go to the seminar to have my doubts reassured.  I went to see what I could discover about myself.  It was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing something similar again soon.

Have you seen a significance in your own life where it can only mean a connectedness?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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