Faith is a nebulous thing.  I’ll once again refer to Saint Thomas Aquinas and his quote:
“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

I’m so fond of that quote as you can see.  I’ve used it many times here at Wisdom and Life.  There is NEVER any doubt in my mind.  My faith is so strong, so much a part of who I am that as I’ve also said here many times that if you separate me from my faith, I’ll cease to be who I am.  It’s woven so inextricably into my being that it is LITERALLY who I am.

So where did I get such a strong faith?  Once people get to know me and are comfortable with me it’s one of the first questions I’m asked.  I’ve written here before about this but I wanted to take up the subject again for my new followers.  Those of you who have heard this before can:
Tune out and stop reading now.
 Read along and remember some of this.

My infancy and early childhood was medically challenging for me.  I believe God as I interpret him to be knew the challenges I was going to face and after reading Journey of Souls, I’m also convinced that I knew.  I believe I chose the life I’m living now.  Knowing the challenges I was going to face, I sincerely believe as my soul implanted itself in my body, God infused me with one gift HE knew I needed and unlike many other gifts he made sure I’d remember this one from the outset.  HE gave me the gift of faith.  As with all gifts, it is better to give than receive.  I believe, God poured HIS faith into me and kept pouring HIS faith passed capacity.  What happens when too much of anything is poured into a vessel of any sort?

It overflows, right?  Unless you share what’s given to you it will will continue to overflow.

That’s why this blog turned direction.
That’s why I share what I’ve learned.
That’s why I no longer worry about what others think when I speak my truth.

We are the SOUL that inhabit our bodies.  We are NOT our bodies.  Our soul is our essence and as I said above, I sincerely believe especially after reading Journey of Souls, that we do choose our incarnations.  We choose our incarnations to fulfill something we need to learn in the bodies we inhabit.

My Mom and Dad divorced when I was very young.  My Dad remarried and had a son with his new wife.  So why am I telling you this?  I bet you’re wondering.

Well, his son, my brother grew up to have the same VERY strong faith that I do.  John, my brother went off in a different direction with his faith, but the one common denominator, we share is our Dad.  I’d like to think that our dad’s spiritual genes were passed to us as well through him.

We acquire many traits from our parents.  Why not spiritual traits as well?  But I still feel strongly that the most significant passage of spirituality came from my God, God as I interpret him to be.

Do you have something that has appeared in your life as a gift?
Do you know why you have this gift?

Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!’
Blessings to you.


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