As writers understand, these are all words we MUST live by.  In order to be successful at our process we must continue to write on a daily basis.  Our muscles will strengthen the more we exercise.  We will only get better.

Since my gift was returned to me, since I’ve begun scratching the itch again, I’ve taken it to heart, I’ve been ever vigilant, I’ve made SURE that I stick to my self imposed schedule to have a blog column publish consistently on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I believe it is of utmost importance to maintain this schedule as my followers have come to expect it.  I understand many bloggers have other responsibilities and I am by no means suggesting that they have a set schedule.  However, my personality, my opinion is one of rigid routine.  I like knowing that my blog will be out there on schedule.

I don’t think I’ve missed a day where at least there isn’t something posted.  Yes on holidays I don’t write a regular column, but even when my blog is scheduled to post on a holiday I’ll usually have something consistent with the holiday theme.

As long time followers know, my blogs are written two weeks in advance, so I’m ALWAYS one step ahead.  If inspiration strikes, if the Divine hits me over the head with a topic that MUST be written I will follow where it leads and simply shift my columns around.  I never know when that will happen; so many times, when you read something on a particular day you won’t know whether it was originally scheduled for that day or whether there was some cosmic or divine intervention.  Typically when I the Divine strikes and I wind up shifting columns around I will say so.  As with today’s column.

This column was written yesterday before I went to work.  I was reading several blogs that I normally keep up with and it suddenly struck me (I believe my own inspiration is God driven, that it comes from Divinity.)  Whether you agree or not, whether you’re comfortable with that or not, it need not matter.  As I’ve maintained here since my blog turned, spirituality, faith, is all a matter of perception.  It’s a personal thing.  When I talk about God, HE’S NOT the religious God, HE’S your PERSONAL entity.  HE’S who you believe him to be.

What suddenly struck me? you may ask, returning to the paragraph above.
It struck me that many of the blogs I read don’t have a schedule, that they write when inspiration clubs them over the head.  Everyone has their own method and as long as we continue to pursue the gifts we were given, as long we continue to write on a regular basis (Uhhh!  There’s another word for schedule:

See?  I’m stuck on that.  Because I have a schedule,  I want my fellow bloggers to follow one too.  I understand this is unrealistic, but understanding it and actually following the thought process is where I find the challenge.  I aim to improve though.  That’s all anyone can do in this life.

Continue moving forward.
Continue improving your attitude.
Continue improving your talent.

How many people have a routine they MUST stick with?

Whether it’s a writing routine.
Whether it’s an exercise routine.
Whether whatever routine.  Do you find when your routine is broken, YOU become broken?

Would love to hear your comments below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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