We all have a divine pipeline. We simply have to find it, dig for it, open it. Once the pipeline is discovered and dug out, there will be no stopping the messages that flow directly to you.

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You can’t neglect the pipeline
You can’t forget the pipeline.

It needs constant attention.
It needs to be kept continually clean.

How do you keep it clean?
How do you attend to it?

You must listen for guidance. When you receive a message that simply can’t be explained in a natural way, with no earthly explanation that you can identify, that has only one reason for appearing to you instantaneously, then you must accept it for what it is:
Divine Intervention.

Until you realize this these messages will pass you by. They appear EVERY day at ALL times of the day. Everyone has a pipeline. We simply have to cultivate it. Do you recall that time when you met someone the very first time and you KNEW you were going to be friends forever? Or how about when you discovered your gift and you knew the job you wanted and knew you’d be hired at that very job? You did everything you could to follow that road map. Those are both examples of the Divine working through you. Follow the Divine and your life will be one of joy, gratefulness and abundance.

What can you do to listen?
How can you attend to it?

Two things immediately pop to mind:
–Meditation is one SURE way to listen for guidance.
–In the morning JUST before you are consciously aware, in between sleep and wakefulness, practice listening. You’ll be surprised at what you receive.

The more time you spend in meditation, the easier it will be for you to reach the state between sleep and wakefulness. This time is REALLY ideal to discover the divine. Begin tomorrow! Don’t rush right out of bed when you wake. It’s also recommended that you wake naturally without an outside influence. What am I referring to here?

I’m talking about an alarm clock. An alarm will immediately disturb your calm. That’s the LAST thing you want when reaching for divine messages.

Finding your pipeline is challenging to someone who has never looked for it, but the benefits of having it at your disposal are amazing. Once you realize that life is genuinely a spiritual experience, you won’t want to ever believe otherwise and you won’t understand how could ever have thought otherwise.

Knowing that you can tap into this direct line will have far reaching implications for the rest of your life. Have a challenge that simply won’t leave? Give it up to the Divine. The Divine is there to take all of life’s challenges, remold them, repackage them and return them to you as gifts. But first you must understand that there is a higher power, a Divinity that is indeed looking out for us. The Pipeline is there. Yours may be so congested, so clogged from disuse that it will take lot’s of work to unclog it.

Start small. Look for tiny messages. Misplace your keys? Don’t get angry, think:
What is the message here?

Am I racing around trying to do too much. Maybe misplacing your keys is telling you to slow down. A friend of mine recently told me a story of getting pulled over for speeding. He wasn’t given a ticket, however, just a warning. When he pulled away after talking to the police, he said a silent prayer and thanked his own Divine for the message to slow down. He HAD been racing. His life was passing so fast. He wasn’t taking time to enjoy what was being given to him. He understood the message he was given from being pulled over.

This is what I’m referring to. These things happen EVERY day. We just need to see them for what they are:
Divine Messages.

They are part of the pipeline. If you don’t see them, maybe this is the time to start unclogging your pipeline.

What are you doing to maintain yours?

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



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