We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Because we ARE having a physical experience we need to take just as much care of our shells as our spirit. We can’t ignore our shells at the detriment of our spirit, just as we can’t ignore our spirit at the detriment of of our shell.

How are you taking care of your shell?

Do you eat right?
Are you conscious of what you put into your body?

I know now I can’t eat what I used to and be healthy.
I can’t eat pizza anymore because when I do I find it near impossible to digest.
I can’t eat red meat regularly for the same reason.
I do my best to be conscious of the foods I put in my body now.
Turkey and chicken as opposed to beef.
Salads instead of pizza.
Water instead of juice and soda.
What are you doing to stay consciously healthy when it comes to eating?

I hope you’re not simply sitting.
I hope when you have the an opportunity to take the stairs instead of an elevator or an escalator you opt for the stairs.
I hope when you’re presented with the choice of driving or walking, you decide to walk.
Do you have a regular routine?

How do you relax?
I hope you’re not simply sitting in front of a glowing screen, whether it be a television or a computer.
Do you read?
Reading helps maintain your mind while slowing down the rest of your body.
Do you meditate?
Meditation is an excellent way of slowing down your body and removing unwanted thoughts from your mind.  Grab that instrumental music and simply sit back in your chair or lie down, however you feel most at ease.  Close your eyes and simply drift.  There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Take several deep breaths and simply drift away.

Are you having trouble sleeping?  Meditation can ease these challenges.  That’s why I choose forty five minutes to an hour before going to sleep for the night to practice my own mediation.  I turn off all monitors, turn off all high intensity lighting and put on some soft instrumental music and simply drift off.  By the time the hour is up I’m fully relaxed and am ready to fall asleep standing up.  Having light bombarded at you RIGHT before going to sleep can be extremely detrimental to sleep patterns.  I’d be willing to guess that everyone who has trouble falling asleep at night goes directly from some type of glowing screen right to total darkness.  Have you ever closed your eyes really tight and seen thousands of pinpricks of light?

That’s the same experience you get when you go from total light to total darkness in seconds.  It’s why I find it so important to gradually turn off all the noise, whether it be “light” noise, or “vocal” noise.  I suggest attempting a one week experiment where an hour before going to sleep for the night, do what I do:
–Turn off ALL monitors.
–Turn off ALL high intensity lights.
–Put on some soft instrumental music.
–Find a comfortable chair.
–Close your eyes and simply listen to the music.

I can almost guarantee, when the CD is over, your legs (well never mind your legs) your ENTIRE body will be mush.  You’ll be in such a relaxed state then you’ll be asleep before your head hits your pillow.  Ahhh, speaking of pillows.  Did you know the type of pillow you have can contribute to the kind of sleep you experience?

This is another life lesson I FINALLY learned after years of waking up with a sore neck.  Not only waking with a sore neck but waking to firm up my pillow.  I no longer do either of them.  I now have a pillow I swear by.  It travels with me when I leave home because it contributes a great deal to my healthy sleep patterns.  Since I’m s side sleeper I have Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow and it is without a doubt, the BEST pillow I’ve EVER owned.  I began using it right after it arrived and I noticed an immediate change in my sleep.  As an experiment,  after using the pillow for a week I went back to my old feather pillow for a few nights to see if the change was REALLY due to a pillow change.  I can tell you beyond doubt that the Tempur-Pedic pillow is the real deal.  A Side Pillow has many other benefits as well, sleep apnea being one of them, according to Sleep Apnea Guide.

Need more sleep tips?  Check out this Huffington Post article:
Sleep Tips:
Top Ten Sleep Mistakes and their solutions

Remember!  It is just as important to care for your shell as it is for your spirit.
What are you doing to care for your shell?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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