On Sunday, I made one of my annual pilgrimages to my place of peace:
Block Island.

The National Hotel
Block Island

My friend, Tim who lives in Florida travels to Connecticut once a year and he gathers all of his friends together to make the trek to BI.  I’ve been going there since I was about ten years old.  I made my first trip to Block Island, with my maternal grandparents in the early seventies.  It was then that the ferries landed at Payne’s Dock.  I didn’t realize it,  but I’d found my place.  It wasn’t until MUCH later that I was reintroduced to the island.

My friend, Jason and I went there for the first time together in the early 1990’s and since then we’ve made annual trips together or separately.  My heart sings when my feet touch island firma.  I feel at peace there.  Never mind my heart singing, my soul dances when I’m there.

I breathe easier.
I feel calmer.
I smile more.

It’s where I belong!

As I was preparing for the trip on Saturday evening, I was experiencing a crisis:
To bring my camera
Not to bring my camera.

I didn’t want the trip to be about me and I KNEW if I decided to bring the beast I’d want to stop at EVERY location and set up the shot.  Thus slowing down the steady flow.  And the fact that I have a plethora of pictures from Block Island, made the decision an easy one.

VERY happy I decided NOT to bring the camera.

Funny; as we walked off the High Speed Ferry, I was texting a few people, not paying attention and up ahead, Jason turned to everyone and said:
Ya better be careful.  What’s said here today may wind up in Chris’s blog.

Well, here ya go guys.  Don’t worry.  Nothing bad here.  I promise.

We walked all over Block, and I’d like to think the exercise, I’ve been doing the past few weeks helped my endurance over the course of the day.  An amazing day overall made better by good friends and lots of fond memories.  Just wished Tim didn’t live so far away.  I enjoy his company as he is full of laughter, joy and positive energy.  He’s the type of person I align myself with now.  I’ve NEVER seen him at a negative point.  Love his energy.

Last year when he was up BI didn’t happen for some reason and it was the first or second time in many years that I didn’t make it there.  I think more than anything else the people I travel with make the experience all the better.  It’s the place too.  No denying that.  I feel more at home, more at peace on Block Island than just about any other place I’ve EVER visited.  That feeling is what draws me back year after year.

I have to be with the right people though too, however.  Fortunately, all of my friends share the same appreciation for Block.  I seem to attract people to my sphere who share similar traits.  I think ANY of my friends, even those who’ve never set foot on the island, would come to appreciate the feeling of peace that Block Island lends.

Another interesting fact regarding Sunday’s trip to BI and the people who went:
Put Tim and Jason and I in the same room and things can spiral down to the gutter pretty quickly.  Tim’s friends fit right in.

We were missing one and we kept telling Tim’s friends:
Holy cow if he was here things would be SOOOO much worse.
How could they be worse?  they wanted to know.  Oh trust us they’d get worse sooner.

It’s what I mean when I said we have to be with the right people.  It’s your friends that make anyplace worthwhile.  With the right group of friends anywhere can be heaven.  Block Island has ALWAYS been heaven for me because I choose the right people to go with.

Where is your place of peace?
Do you agree that the people you’re with can make the place?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!


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