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A few years ago, I experienced such severe neck pain and lower back pain that I wound up going to Physical therapy.  The lower back pain was so horrendous that I found it challenging to walk.  The neck pain was at the point where I couldn’t turn my head.  I discussed the challenges I faced in a post called Dynamism in Walking.  While going through PT I was asked how I slept.  Because it was my neck that was giving me challenges at that point more than my lower back was, the questions were directed at my sleep patterns.

How did I sleep?
On my back?  On my side?
What type of pillow was I using?

At the time I was using a soft down pillow.
Red flag!

That’s what my Physical Therapist said.  Waking with neck pain is very likely if you don’t have a firm pillow; just as waking with back pain will be the case if you don’t have a firm mattress.  I did understand the correlation between back pain and soft mattresses, so I suppose I should have also seen the correlation between neck pain and a soft pillow.

My Physical Therapist recommended I use a Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow.  As is my case, when confronted with some new topic I dug into pillows and their effect on the body.  I came across a Youtube video called The Best Sleep Positions at the website Sleep-Apnea Guide for side pillows.  I highly recommend watching the video straight through.

Seeing as I AM a side sleeper, after researching a for a few days, I decided to get the Tempur-Pedic side pillow.  Many of the sites I visited said it could take some time to become comfortable with the new pillow, especially if this was the first time you moved away from a typical down pillow.  By the third morning waking up after using the side pillow for two nights I saw an improvement.  I continued using my new pillow exclusively for two more weeks.  On a whim, after my second week I decided to try my old pillow for a few nights.  I woke up frequently and during one of my frequent disturbances, I finally decided to toss the down pillow out and I returned to the Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow.

I can tell you beyond doubt that I sleep much sounder using the side pillow.
I no longer wake up as frequently.
I no longer have neck pain when I wake in the morning.

Making the decision to take care of my sleep has resulted in my being physically healthier, more alert and the best part is that I no longer suffer from neck pain.

What can you do to become healthy?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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