As I’ve written here many times, I feel as if I’m directed what to write.  Today’s column is no different.  I discovered some distressing news on Monday while at Starbucks in Madison, Connecticut.  Writing has always helped me dispel any unwanted energy; so please bare with me while I discuss the news that was revealed to me.  And I want to say at the outset that I’m in no way making light of the tragic events that occurred in Newton, Connecticut last Friday.

Wednesday, December 19
5:35 AM
I also want to say that I didn’t write this looking for sympathy.  Writing has always been a catharsis for me, helping to dispel the negative energy within.  I felt the need to write out my feelings on Monday when I arrived home.  So, please.  No sympathies today.

Being as spiritually in tune as I am, you’d think hearing distressing news would roll of my back.  However as I’m cloaked in humanity I still find it challenging when I receive news I know is on the horizon, news I understand is arriving sooner than I’d expect, news that still challenges me, still disrupts my positivity and yes news that saddens me.

I was at Starbucks in Madison, Connecticut on Monday and my ten month old niece had just left after I spent a glorious hour with her.  She is such  treasure.  I love seeing her and I can never get enough time with her.  I’m so fortunate that she lives in Madison  as it provides me so much time with her.  I can’t wait until she starts talking.

Well, as is usually the case I’ve gone down another path.  Let’s see if I can find my way back.  I think I’m avoiding the topic because it does distress me.  It does sadden me.  Although it shouldn’t.

Before someone brings up Newton and wonders why I’m focusing on my own distress let me say I feel for all those who lost loved ones in that tragic event.  I’m in no way shape or form lessening the events that took place last Friday afternoon.

No words can express my dismay.
No words can lessen the pain felt by those who lost loved ones.

It was a travesty to all involved.  I wish all those who have unexpectedly and violently transitioned safe passage into the spiritual realm.

Okay.  So what am I talking about?  I bet you want to know.  A friend of mine, someone I discussed books with all the time went through the spiritual door on Saturday.  She transitioned.  Her son knew that we discussed books all the time.  She was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 but went into full remission.  In August of this year, she broke her arm and when she went to have her arm looked at she was told the cancer returned.

Now as I look back on the events that transpired I can see the Divine working its magic once again.  Had I discovered the information before my niece arrived I wouldn’t have been such pleasant company.  And discovering the news after Rylee left softened the news.  See, I understand the Divine is always working, always looking out for me.  I’m grateful for that.  I’m grateful that I see everything is Divine.

I hadn’t seen her in weeks after she broke her arm and I began to wonder.  She was a frequent library visitor as in every week sometimes twice a week.  One of our favorite authors, Lee Child who writes a no nonsense character as in a one man wrecking machine, Jack Reacher has a movie being released in a couple of weeks.  Some backstory on Jack Reacher:
The character in Lee Child’s books is described as over 6 feet, full of strength, grimy and the such.  If you’ve read any of his books you’ll have a picture of who Reacher is.

Our running commentary on the actor chosen to portray Reacher is nothing short of golden.  We know Jack Reacher inside and out.  That’s one thing I will miss:
Not getting to hear her discuss the choice.

I’ll also miss recommending books to her.  She chose to read some slipstream books that I honestly surprised me.
–Jonathan Carroll
–Charles DeLint

These are not authors her generation would have chosen on their own.  It brought me great joy to know she respected my opinion enough to venture into uncharted territory.

I’ll miss that too.

We discussed my unshakable belief in reincarnation many times during our brief chats at the library circulation desk.  I wish her safe passage into the spiritual realm and I look forward to seeing her again during our next incarnations.  I sincerely believe we return in groups and people close to us in one incarnation will be with us again in future incarnations.  That’s why I shouldn’t be distressed.  In December 2010 I wrote a column called Highest Tribute to the Dead, where I discussed a Television show called:
I Survived… Beyond and Back
.   In the episode described, I mentioned someone who survived a motorcycle crash.  In the recounting of his story, he said that now when he hears that someone has passed over, he thinks, Lucky Bastard, you’re going home.

My spiritual self understands this.  It is still a challenge to reconcile the knowing with my physical side.  It is still distressing knowing that my friend is beyond the human, beyond the physical.

Wishing you safe passage, my book loving friend!
Looking forward to our next interactions during our next incarnations.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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